The non-significance of suffering

Only in time does one see how attractive entertaining the idea of suffering can be, for the ego and its concepts outside of Love cannot exist in “the now”, they only exist in the temporal ideas of the past and the future. The ego spins a tale of karmic responsibility for the past that one will always be (if one listens to ego) “held liable for” in the future.

The voice for ego is not heard in the now; it is eternally dissolved by the ongoing usage of the Source of Life (God’s Will is always shared – even if unconsciously for a time). Aliveness is an innate expression of the Source of Life, and life cannot be turned by consciousness into any kind of actual death. No idea of death will ever stop Source from Sourcing Life. It could be said that the “now of every moment” is the only part of “time” that is unaffected by the voice for ego and its thoughts of suffering and death. “I will grow old and suffer in the end” does not exist “now”; the end is never perceived as it is imagined. The end does not exist now, nor ever, because the ego’s ideas of death aren’t real. While form apparently changes, life continues. Faith is not in form, but in the fact that life continues.

The thought of suffering is suffering. The very idea of suffering, which comes from listening to ego vs Holy Spirit, is the source of suffering.

Listen to the Holy Spirit instead of ego. God’s Love is ever being extended, and it is within the realm of free will to choose to allow it, or reject it. The idea of suffering lies in the concept that one can reject God’s Love, and the innate recognition of God’s Love dissolves it. One can only reject Source in theory, never in Truth wherein theory is dissolved. Even if one believes in suffering for a time, it never actually signifies “the end”.




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