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The human dilemma is such that all actions have equal and opposite reactions that often leave us with a sense of hopelessness and despair. We seem to satisfy a need here, only to impose another one over there. It’s like a vicious cycle of mitigating unwanted effects with more and more effort needed to put the fire out, so to speak, while the fire just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

What if the answer to our complicated questions was very simple and easy for each and every one of us to express, without going anywhere, or doing anything? What if we could solve the problems of diseases and disorders from the inside out, as well as know exactly how to tend to them accordingly from the outside in? What if it were completely free to solve the human dilemma via listening to one’s own Inner Guide, without the need for a coach or any other form of teacher?

We can. We can correct all of the problems we face on planet Earth today by correcting our thinking to be balanced. All of our problems arise from being unbalanced creators. We literally invent all problems by being ignorant of the universal law that backs all of creation, and we can solve them easily at the level of cause by expressing what eternally is, vs imagining what isn’t. When our thinking is balanced, we desire both the action and the reaction ‘ahead of time’ and so we are never surprised with unwanted effects.

Without the Idea of Death: There is Only Life by Darcie French

Published in free .pdf February 8, 2023

The Fundamental Math of Balanced Creating by Darcie French

Published June 28, 2022 in free .pdf

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