Gray matter

It was the ego-self's quitting Love that, metaphysically speaking, brought paradise down. The ego part of the mind that clings to the thought of quitting Love naturally threatens your suicide, in order to bring about your allegiance to the idea of separation through paralyzing grief. And yet, it could never actually do it, because it … Continue reading Gray matter

True empathy is allowing for only Self-Love

“Think not that happiness is found by following a road leading away from it”. (ACIM) All suffering is based on the illusion that separation from Love is possible, which it is not. But the belief that it is possible to live without acknowledging Love as one's Source causes great suffering. At the root of suffering … Continue reading True empathy is allowing for only Self-Love

Lose the gods of sickness

One either chooses to look upon the world through Love, which is how God, Who is Love, would have His Son Know Perfect Health - or with fear, which is how ego, or the inventor of the gods of sickness, would have creation appear to suffer and die. Such a pair of diametrically opposed viewpoints … Continue reading Lose the gods of sickness

Understand the Christ

It's a common misconception that to empathize with suffering is kindness that will lead to a higher state, wherein mind can rest in peace. Yet the idea of sharing suffering is not peaceful to mind, it is agonizing. It is not kindness or love or peace to make suffering seem real, but to make the … Continue reading Understand the Christ

No vacancy of love

How to be vigilant for the Kingdom of God? You are the Kingdom, and you are Love. So to be vigilant for Love, cancel out non-loving thoughts. Fake it till you make it if you need to - it's ok, most everyone needs to. Cancel out unloving thoughts with “I Love you so-and-so”. Each time … Continue reading No vacancy of love

Find the split and let it go

Healing happens as mind resumes Knowledge of Self-Love. Sometimes the body appears to follow suit, and heal as well. And yet, all bodily healing is as temporary as perception itself; permanent healing happens in the mind, regardless of the physical, when the will is Known to Be Unified with God's. This is why it is … Continue reading Find the split and let it go

Deep surrender, deep Love

With deep surrender of the thoughts about the content of consciousness is Awareness of deep Love. Surrender of emotional attachment to the temporary uncovers the infinite Awareness of the Context that Sources Allness, Always. Only ego or the voice for the temporary would have one get emotional when the temporary seems threatened. Spirit, though, cannot … Continue reading Deep surrender, deep Love

A call for Self Love

Byron Katie told her dying friend essentially that “she wouldn't know what love really was until she loved her tumour”. She told her this, because her friend had asked her to always tell her the truth. What Katie did by making good on her promise was give her friend permission to love her self without … Continue reading A call for Self Love

Spiritualized Reality Therapy

Mental health is a reflection of being in alignment with the Loving Will of Self. Does mental health therapy that excludes the Self's one desire to be in alignment with Will work? Temporarily, perhaps. But because non-faith-based reality therapy doesn't address the “Son's” one desire for the “Father's” Love, it can still only be a … Continue reading Spiritualized Reality Therapy

Everybody’s the good guy

Belief in attack is what brings the Son of God to mind as a terrorist. With acceptance of the Atonement, one realizes that the terrorist is Still the Son of God, who, in Reality, only wants the Father's Love. The Father's Love is his only desire. He does not, when all is said and done, … Continue reading Everybody’s the good guy

Trumping the Experiencer

Personality or persona-wise, there was identification with the bipolar mood phenomenon going back to early childhood. The meaning of bipolar seemed innate to brain chemistry and/or mental health problems, until the return to Awareness of God as Self in middle age prompted a different understanding of it. The experience of bipolar mood swings has changed; … Continue reading Trumping the Experiencer