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There was a total, spontaneous disconnect from the senses and the world of form in October, 2009, while escaping a house fire with my family in the middle of the night. Through a kind of backtracking through several seeming stages of formed existence, the universe of form completely disappeared and yet my Identity and Reality remained intact. In an ineffable flash, Innate Knowledge dissolved the illusion of perception. All things seeming disappeared into One Reality that is the One Identity of the One Being that is Love Being Love. One is never divided from this One Love except by the illusion of division by the appearance of something from nothing. All appearance refolded back into the Known essence of the Universal One.

The literary works of Walter and Lao Russell, which I discovered in January of 2017 through the Resonance Academy, matched up perfectly with all that was revealed in essence in Oct 2009, and explain very clearly and scientifically how the formless Qualities-in-One of God are seemingly quantified into the many varieties of form. The Qualities-in-One Known by Oneness with God’s dual lights of creating (“Adam” and “Eve”) are “Truth, Love, Balance and the Law (of repetition)”. In the state in the fire, the dual lights of God’s thinking were One in me, and all that was Known was PURE ECSTASY.

The Universal One by Walter Russell was first published in 1927 – almost 100 years ago – and it was with absolute delight that I read it in July of 2017. What is revealed by illumination and the works of Walter Russell are a “match made in Heaven” as I go forward with delivering my lines in the play.

“The supreme service which man can render to evolving man is to answer for him, dynamically, the great heretofore unanswerable question concerning the One universal force which man calls God, or Mind, or by other names.” Walter Russell from The Universal One.

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