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Sharing the “State in the fire”: Realization of Oneness with the Divine Trinity of Light and the fundamental math of balanced creating through free ebooks and blog posts.

There was a total, spontaneous disconnect from the senses and the world of form in late October, 2009, while escaping a house fire with my family in the middle of the night. Both halves of the universe of form – the visible and the invisible- spontaneously disappeared into the quality of the interchange between the two. Through a kind of backtracking in flashes through seeming stages of formed existence (through the bright light of the sun and its black light of encompassing space ), the universe of form completely disappeared into my center and yet my Identity and Reality remained fully intact. Innate Knowledge transcended the illusion of perception and the absolute Reality of the Kingdom of Heaven was all that was known. All things seemingly divided from Oneness with Source disappeared into the One Reality that is the One Identity of the One Being Love. In temporal terms, the period of illumination was very brief, lasting only about sixty seconds or so, and yet it was a perfect glimpse into the eternal nature of the shared Self of the Creator. Those sixty seconds of pure illumination transcended all experience in consciousness.

One is never divided from this One Self except by the false ego resulting from Reality and Identity given to the seeming division from Source by the appearance of something from nothing and the illusion of something disappearing back into nothing (the black light of space interchanging with the bright light of the sun). All appearance and disappearance refolded back into the essential interchange of the Universal One Who forever gives Love for re-giving. I was shown, in essence, how God’s creation is absolutely balanced, and how balanced creating is the key to knowing ecstasy.

The literary works of Walter and Lao Russell, which I discovered in January of 2017, match up perfectly with all that was revealed in essence in Oct 2009, and explain very clearly and scientifically the metaphysics of the illusion of how form is forever created, voided, and repeated. I highly recommend all of the Russells’ work, in particular The Message of the Divine Iliad and their 12 part home study course on universal law, natural science and philosophy that disseminates God’s Word in the Divine Iliad. In the State in the fire, the dual lights of God’s thinking as described in the course were wholly known to be One in Me, I was One with the Self/Mind/Soul of God, and all that was known of creation of form from Love and its completion in that Self-Same Love was the PURE ECSTASY of their eternal interchange. Creation and completion, the two seeming directions of motion that comprise the illusion of appearance and disappearance, were absolutely known to be the same ecstatic quality. The spiraling “life” and “death” motions of the Divine Trinity were one in the same quality of desire in the Mind of God, and all ecstasy lay in the knowledge of the eternally balanced interchange between the two.

What was revealed by illumination and the works of Walter Russell are a match made in Heaven, as the saying goes, as I go forward with delivering my lines in the play. Freely sharing descriptions of the State in the fire and linking them with balanced creating and thus coming to know the ecstasy of God with those who wish to hear these truths gives me great joy. The Love given by sharing truth comes back to me, and I rest in the interchange of Love given out returning to be given again.

The supreme service which man can render to evolving man is to answer for him, dynamically, the great heretofore unanswerable question concerning the One universal force which man calls God, or Mind, or by other names.” Walter Russell, from The Universal One.


 Download free .pdf Without the idea of death: There is only Life by Darcie French


“I just returned to my office following a long holiday break to see the beautiful book you wrote. I just finished reading it and found it to be meticulous and though consistent with a ‘feel’ of Walter, Lao and Swananoa, it is entirely original!

What a beautiful piece of art you have made! Thank you for thinking of me and being kind enough to extend a copy to me.

May this new year/decade bring the clarity of a new vision for humanity,

In Gratitude,


“Well written and very interesting ideas.



“This book is a true gem in my collection of spiritual literature. It’s the type of poetic wisdom that’s timeless. It elevates one’s spirit to higher dimensions of awareness effortlessly.

It is pure LOVE…an embodiment of true collective consciousness. It dissolves fear leaving behind nothing but God’s eternal creation.

Thank you for this amazing book. Highly recommend!”


Now Available! Free .pdf The Fundamental Math of Balanced Creating by Darcie French 

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