About Darcie French, chronic scribe

I am a chronic scribe devoted to writing for God and easing suffering from perceived separation from God’s Love. The Creator would not have us suffer, but join one another in caring for each other like we are Cared for, all in One. The world of perception where love seems divided by fear of God and of one another is forgotten in timelessness as the Memory of God is recalled to Awareness.

I have partnered with One Spirit Press to professionally format and publish my book, “Without the idea of death: There is only Life”.

I founded the idea of Spiritualized Reality Therapy in 2016 to address the Need of the Child of God to recall this Memory, and I write to that end. Writing for God is a form of spiritualized reality therapy that works well for me. On this site I suggest many other free spiritualized therapies one can do for Self in the name of forgetting fear, and remembering Love. I encourage you to share with me not only your questions, but all of your holy solutions.

Sharing Given Love regives it; sharing Love “points” Love back to its origin for its originator’s enjoyment. The original Idea to give Love receives it for the supreme of it. In timelessness we co-exist in this way with God, in time, the gift of existence is for interchange with each other. The mind need not suffer, though, to exist for and with each other, but rest in this interchange as all ideas unfold, and extend that rest.

The core of understanding Oneness with God is in Direct Knowledge of the metaphysical meaning of the quote from A Course in Miracles, “Without the idea of death, there is no world” and in the understanding of how ideas are embodied in the Mind of God. One is Aware that one is not just the universal body, but acting within one in a Play of Light that seemingly divides the Self into “Light and Dark”, “Good and Bad”, “Sinner and Saint”. Yet the Self of God is undivided and the world is not a good, nor bad place; it is actually neutral in its expression. And so it is with the world’s inhabitants. Everyone is Guiltless in Oneness with Source; the forms of the Universal Self are not a threat to the Reality of Love Begetting Love as God Created, nor is Love’s Reality a threat to them. In Walter and Lao Russell’s Home Study Course, which I discovered in Jan of 2017, the metaphysics of embodying ideas is explained. One is encouraged to work with God instead of against God, and manifest the glorious on Earth, to embody a slice of Heaven. The Resonance Academy, lead by renowned physicist Nassim Haramein, is a cutting edge educational community recognizing God’s “place” in Reality.


In this world my main roles are of loving wife, mom and grandmother to humans and dogs, and I have a bachelor’s degree in social work and a diploma in social services – but I am literally a “jack of all trades” unfolding and have lead a most interesting life thus far. I grew up by the Sasquatch Caves near the Holiday Motel in Hope, BC, my folks owned the motel, and I had the most amazing childhood; I had the kind of dirt and wonder childhood the kids of this digital age seem to be mostly missing out on. I even saw a Sasquatch, or “Big Foot” once, but I digress.

Back in the world of working-to-death-to-survive (vs resting in Source and manifesting the glorious!) I used to work in community services, and went through burn out. Burning out in the world lead to the seeking for God, and the turning inward. I have developed various self-employment ideas over the years and even some inventions including the Smart Swaddle Solution and the Safer Sleeper. I was an infant sleep consultant by my own self-designed program, Empathic Sleep Teaching, based on letting baby cry it out at sleep times while still having empathy for other needs from 2003- 2006. I was a ghostwriter for several children’s paperback novels “Why Some Cats Are Rascals” in 2009. In Spring of 2009, we purchased a 36 foot RV and lived in it with our youngest child and dogs for a time; the goal at the time was to live half the year in Sedona, AZ. I wrote about many of my ideas and aspirations on a site called Squidoo until it dissolved in 2013. I was an avid player of the game Moshi Monsters, and made many squidoo “lenses” with moshi monsters art that were enjoyed by countless online viewers and friends I made in the game. I still have some Hubpages and you can visit my Moshi Monster house here.

I healed from the symptoms of burn-out in 2014 by eating fresh marijuana and making the plant into Rick Simpson oil (to this day I use and love marijuana in all of its forms) ; I then went to work with my husband for a time as a painter’s assistant. My husband and have been hobby breeders of small dogs since 2006, specializing in the Morkie. We offer stud services and puppies for sale through a network of hobby breeders in family settings.

My calling is scribing for God and sharing His Message of Love. My personal story is one of overcoming the effects of mental illness through self-inquiry to the point where, by the Peace of God, I can ‘live in my own skin’ from the viewpoint of the witness to Awareness of Reality vs the subject of experience (aka of duality). The mind was illuminated in Dec 2007, and spontaneously rejoined the Absolute State of Mind at the level of Creation in Oct 2009.

Describing the Absolute gives a kind of pleasure that is essentially ineffable. All thinkingness dissolves and the writing comes of its own accord.  The intellect is not the Source of the understanding, but direct Knowledge. No thought at all exists in the Absolute State, where Mind is at rest in Source. One Swoons into the Oneness of the Absolute. As I write for God I am in a nonlinear swoon of Love that takes me out of the duality of this world.

It has been said that once you get a taste of God’s Love, (which is a Memory that everyone holds), you want nothing less, nothing more; allegiance to the ego and the demands of separation from Love lose their allure. It is true; even just the smallest taste of God’s Love is the Knowledge of one’s rightful place in eternity, where Love is all there is. This is “where” I really live, and write.

Have you got a question? I will answer questions in written and video format.

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“The supreme service which man can render to evolving man is to answer for him, dynamically, the great heretofore unanswerable question concerning the One universal force which man calls God, or Mind, or by other names.” Walter Russell from The Universal One

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All rights reserved


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