About Darcie French, BSW

This website is devoted to easing suffering from the ego-led perceived separation from God’s Love. I am writing a book, Without the idea of death, and will have the full version of the book available in print soon. The portion of the book that was offered as a free .pdf is now on this website, forming web pages.

In this world my main roles are of wife, mom and grandmother and I have a bachelor’s degree in social work. I love writing in general, and have dedicated my life to writing for God. My personal story is one of overcoming the effects of mental illness through self-inquiry to the point where, by the Peace of God, I can ‘live in my own skin’ from the viewpoint of the witness to Awareness of Reality vs the subject of experience (aka of duality).

Writing about God’s Love gives a kind of pleasure that is essentially ineffable. All thinkingness dissolves in God’s Love and the writing comes of its own accord.¬† No thought at all exists in the Absolute State, where Mind is at rest in Source. One Swoons into the Oneness of the Absolute. As I write for God I am in a nonlinear swoon of Love that takes me out of the duality of this world.

It has been said that once you get a taste of God’s Love, (which is a Memory that everyone holds), you want nothing less, nothing more; allegiance to the ego and the demands of separation from Love lose their allure. It is true; even just the smallest taste of God’s Love is the Knowledge of one’s rightful place in eternity, where Love is all there is.

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