God’s Symmetry

God’s electrical universe is a symmetrical one based on interchange between opposing conditions. It is a perfectly symmetrical universe of interchange between directions of motion seeming to form two shapes that eternally sequentially become one another. These two shapes are the cube and the sphere. Everything that God creates is based on interchange between these two shapes – they give to one another in a perfectly balanced fashion in order to become one another continually.

The cube is the cold/expanded/dark/invisible “side” of the symmetry. The sphere is the hot/concentrated/incandescent/visible “side” of the symmetry. Each equal half of God’s symmetrical universe is not actually a “side” but the inverse or outverse of the other. The immense, vapid, cold dark cube turns outside-in to become a hot, solid lit sphere that turns inside-out to become again the cube that borned it. This inversing/outversing is simultaneous.

The cube ever becomes the sphere, and the sphere ever becomes the cube. The universal Body of God is a cube-sphere. His-Her Pulse that expresses life continuously goes: cube-sphere-cube-sphere.

God’s breath in is the sphere and the breathe out is the cube. Every corpuscle of light is a breathing cube-sphere. The sphere reflects the nonlinear desire within the cube.

Matter appears when God takes breath from the cube and concentrates it into the sphere. Matter disappears when God breathes out, and decentrates the sphere back to the cube. The cube is wound into the sphere and then the sphere is unwound back to the cube.

The cube is female and the sphere is male, but all light units are both, only presenting with one sex in preponderance of the other. The cube is dark light and the sphere is incandescent light. Both are seemingly divided from the Stillness of God’s Magnetic Light to interchange with each other – which is the only “motion” in the Stillness. This motion is perceived as outer change alternating between life and death. The Quality of this interchange is known as ecstasy.

The universe is not expanding into nothing but updating by transformation. More dark matter predisposes the appearance of more light matter.

The motion within God’s Body of His Breathing pulls the dispersed light units together from the center of the cube. Breathing in creates the condition of gravity, and breathing out the condition of radiation.

God is always breathing. The cube is ever becoming the sphere and the sphere is ever becoming the cube. The in-breath is ever becoming the out-breath. The male is ever becoming the female. Death is ever becoming life, and life is ever becoming death.

In meditation, focus on the interchanging lights on the backs of your closed eyelids. Notice how the light becomes the dark to again become the light. This is one of an infinite amount of examples of how God keeps symmetry by equal and balanced interchange between what we call “life” and “death”.

In the state in the fire, perception of outer change dissolved into the ineffable Knowledge of Absolute Oneness with the Nonlinear Qualities of this Interchange. It has taken eight years to write the words in the book: Without the idea of death: There is only Life, which describes to the best of my current ability this Knowledge.

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