The Interchanging Point

I am not life, nor am I death. From Me both spring; and through Me both flow both ways toward unity, first in My manifest Self and then in Me, yet I am not touched by their passings.

I am the interchanging point of life and death. I balance life and death; and never in their changing can either death or life outbalance death or life.

Write thou that death and life are one, as the swinging pendulum is one, e’en though it oscillates two ways in its incessant swinging.” The Message of the Divine Iliad

The above quote from Walter Russell, written down while in the State of Illumination, is as close as possible to describing the qualitative Oneness of the State in the fire, and it also gives direction as to what to do with the Realization. Thus, I am expanding on the term “Interchanging Point” as a reference point in the 3D world of motion for knowing Oneness with the equilibrium or formless stillness of God.

One with the Interchanging Point, I knew of existing unity with the unmanifest Point of expression of the Idea of Creation and the seemingly manifest image of it. Both “sides” of the pendulum seemingly swinging back and forth between simulated life and simulated death were withdrawn into the Point of their reversal, and both directions of motion were purely qualitative – the sensed swinging of the pendulum known as ecstasy interchanging with ecstasy through the stillness of the Self.

Knowledge of the Divine Trinity is total, and thinking that knowledge into its seeming parts is balanced interchange between the two imagined halves of the one existing totality. I knew that life and death are one, that all of creation is an illusion of solidity centering tenuity, and that rest is found not on either “side” of the seemingly manifest idea, but in the Point that eternally balances both.

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