Live The Way

My universe in Father-Mother God's House is eternally ordered and balanced for God is the fulcrum of knowledge and the Imaginer of all that seems to be. I am one with God; I know my Self and imagine the frame work for developing abilities that is my body. Imagining ability, every addition is balanced by … Continue reading Live The Way

The Knower and Thinker Beyond the Believer in Sensory Experience

The Knower and Thinker back of all sensory experience is still, and motion interchanges within the stillness, qualitatively. The senses can only perceive the portion of the wave cycle that radiates or expands masses of seemingly quantified qualities, and so the effects of radiation are feared and emulated. We are continually exhausting our storage batteries … Continue reading The Knower and Thinker Beyond the Believer in Sensory Experience

The Santa of the Desire to Give

There is forever the Present Moment of Life, which is the eternal Idea of Life: there is never a before or after the Idea of Life. Idea Is Now, Always. We seem to unwrap Idea at night, and wrap it up in the morning, and yet, this sequence of events does not affect the Present. … Continue reading The Santa of the Desire to Give

Rest in Eternal Life

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added to you” said Jesus Christ. Over 2000 years ago, seeking enlightenment first and foremost was the #1 recommendation from someone “in the know”. And still, this is not a common recommendation today. Great mystery (and even stigma and discrimination) surrounds the word … Continue reading Rest in Eternal Life

“God The Person” Q & A January 28

Q1.    I’m having trouble with the term “Person” as relating to God.  A person in this reality is a flesh and blood human.  Since God is spirit, how does me as a “person” relate to God as a “person”? A2. It seems you are looking at Self as body without spirit, and God as spirit … Continue reading “God The Person” Q & A January 28

The Pistil of Life’s Petals

Creating forms a continuous line of effect. There was no beginning to it, and there is no ending; every ending becomes another beginning. A continuous line forms a circle - it begins and ends through the same non-localized point. While forms seem to appear and disappear, the point of interchanging beginnings has always been. All … Continue reading The Pistil of Life’s Petals

Forgiving Man’s Growing Pains

As we were released from the instinctual control of Oneness with God to the free will to voluntarily think with God, we were met with the loud voice for the "serpent of the senses". As the prefrontal cortex developed and the question, "Who am I" arose, we listened to the senses for the answer. With … Continue reading Forgiving Man’s Growing Pains

Transcending Ego Body Fashioning

I chose enlightenment to be "my #1 goal in life" because I couldn't find any relief for lifelong clinical depression in the empirical. I am trained in and was working in social work, but could't heed the saying "physician, heal thyself." In the State in the fire, I would discover that my depression was directly … Continue reading Transcending Ego Body Fashioning

The Love of the Trinity

All is the knowledge and thoughtful expression of One Being knowing and expressing Love. Love is known as Balance, and is expressed by a simulation that is a balanced system of seemingly creating things. All masses in the universe are centered and controlled by balanced Love. There is One Mind, One Heart, One Soul desiring … Continue reading The Love of the Trinity

Where is a black hole located?

Q: Where is a black hole located? A: The way I understand it via the State in the fire and using the Russell Cosmogeny vocabulary, black holes are the other body half patterns of centering matter. They are evacuated of the light waves that accumulate as centering matter. Black hole is the expansive conical bases … Continue reading Where is a black hole located?

December 07 and October 09

December 2007, I went to bed one night, and couldn't meditate, I felt like I was holding a live wire. I thought I was having a stroke and was going to die. My teacher, Dr Hawkins, spoke as if he were right there with me. He said, "Well, if you're gonna die, then die!" And … Continue reading December 07 and October 09

Negative thoughts, anxiety

Q: I say I have more negative thoughts in anxiety only one thought over react me that if my blood pressure more rise what happen more options arises than I feel scary fear trembling anxious. A: Your Mind is God's Mind, and your body is God's body. God is not separate from you, so as … Continue reading Negative thoughts, anxiety