Live The Way

My universe in Father-Mother God's House is eternally ordered and balanced for God is the fulcrum of knowledge and the Imaginer of all that seems to be. I am one with God; I know my Self and imagine the frame work for developing abilities that is my body. Imagining ability, every addition is balanced by … Continue reading Live The Way

Universal Law & COVID-19

COVID-19 is a virus that has transferred from animals to humans and then from humans to humans that originated at the Wuhan wet market in China. There are many other such viruses that are now affecting humans. In the Bhagavad Gita As It Is it discusses how, in our two-way reciprocal universe, the slave always … Continue reading Universal Law & COVID-19

It’s Time (To Face, Know, Be Law)

Viral = unbalanced spiral We are reaping what we have sown with Covid-19, as we have historically with every natural disaster, no matter how "innocently" it occurs. Universal Law can be violated, but never broken - it will always Self-repair. The manifestation of violated Law always gets balanced whether we like it or not, until … Continue reading It’s Time (To Face, Know, Be Law)

The Knower and Thinker Beyond the Believer in Sensory Experience

The Knower and Thinker back of all sensory experience is still, and motion interchanges within the stillness, qualitatively. The senses can only perceive the portion of the wave cycle that radiates or expands masses of seemingly quantified qualities, and so the effects of radiation are feared and emulated. We are continually exhausting our storage batteries … Continue reading The Knower and Thinker Beyond the Believer in Sensory Experience

The Big Bang (& Suck)

Q: What is your opinion  on the big bang? A: One with the still point of interchanging direction of motion, the flow of Creation is eternally known to be two ways. All effects of motion end where they began, to begin again. Stillness has no beginning or ending. All there is to the universe is … Continue reading The Big Bang (& Suck)

Channeling and spirit guides

Q: What is your opinion on channeling and "spiritual guides"? A: Channeling and Spirit guides are metaphysical impossibilities - they are capitalized "hocus pocus" with little to no honest truth to them. There is never separation from the One Source/Soul, so no need for "reconnection" (it would seem doubly strange to pay another body for … Continue reading Channeling and spirit guides

The Santa of the Desire to Give

There is forever the Present Moment of Life, which is the eternal Idea of Life: there is never a before or after the Idea of Life. Idea Is Now, Always. We seem to unwrap Idea at night, and wrap it up in the morning, and yet, this sequence of events does not affect the Present. … Continue reading The Santa of the Desire to Give