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Rest in the Kingdom of Balanced Thinking

The sense-based thinking that runs the masses in search of material wealth cannot be carried forward. All that is seemingly made manifest is based in Mind, and only the Self-realized qualities of knowledge can be carried forward. That which is sensed is either compression or expansion of the thought waves that produce the illusion of manifest thought- what is there to be gained or lost by material possessions but the sensations of those two seemingly divided directions of motion? There is nothing but the effects of motion to be seemingly gained or lost for a period of non-existent time, for all things seeming simultaneously return to the voidness of their origin in stillness as they seem to appear in marching time.

All happiness is in knowing the qualities of the stillness of the cause that thinks to divide the stillness into balanced states of seeming motion. All happiness is in the wholeness of simultaneously thinking to conceive and complete idea in Mind through the balanced thinking to manifest a body in motion to simulate the still life of mental concept. There is no happiness to be found in the divided sensing of the simultaneously compressing and expanding body: happiness is knowing the wholeness of mental balance that backs the balanced expression of that body. Happiness is in the forgetting of the expression of life’s seeming duality between compression and expansion and the realization of the true life at rest that thinks the body into seeming being in a balanced fashion. Mentally knowing perfect balance between the motions of compression and expansion is happiness.

If knowing the mental balance backing the expression of a balanced body is happiness, what can there be but a false sense of joy, or a false sense of sorrow, in the attachment or aversion to the seeming duality of gaining or losing what is sensed of the material world? There is no truth to sense-based thinking that can only be based in the sensing of the seeming division between the two opposing-yet-unified states of motion that provide the illusion of idea in motion. There is no reality to motion. There is no identity to it. Reality and identity belong to Mind as static idea, not to the forms of idea expressed by the illusion of motion.

The identity and reality of Mind is never projected from the stillness of cause to the world of moving effects. So why project the Self as if to be contained by the world of illusion? Why say, ‘the Self is expanded, or compressed, dead or alive’ when the Self is still and never becomes the states of motion that comprise the illusion of embodiment?

Rest in the balanced thinking of the Self that is purely mental, purely idea – and know the eternal ecstasy of the Kingdom of Balanced Thinking that is forever within.

Copyright@Darcie French 2019

Without the idea of death: there is only Life third edition is superior to all prior editions

The third edition of the book I have been writing for the past nine years since the State in the fire will be available this spring/early summer. It will be published by Balboa Press, which is a division of Hay House.

This website was made private for a few months while I focused on writing the third edition.  I believe the clarity and flow of this edition are far superior to previous editions.

If you purchased any of the prior editions of “Without the idea of death: there is only Life” on amazon kindle or in hard copy, please feel free to contact me through the submission form on the home page with the details of your purchase and when the 3rd edition is available, I can send you a free signed copy. For hard copies, I will require that the prior edition purchased is returned to me.

Transcending the fantasy of “never returning”

Q: I think part of my current feelings of being stuck relates to being frustrated that I know how “it is supposed to be” with myself and the world, but realizing neither I nor the world is there yet gets me down.  And the thought of having to repeat continuously, well, YIKES.  The thing that keeps me “going” is my attempts at surrender and acceptance of what just is.  WR (I believe) teaches reincarnation isn’t forever once a person is enlightened.  It seems to me after this lifetime that you are “finished” with this reality of non-reality.  Do you ever have longings about not ever returning?

A: There is nothing wrong, or sinful about manifesting a body of unreality; if that were the case, God would not create any kind of elements to work with. What is incorrect thinking is to correlate the reality and identity of the shared Self of God with the unrealities of perception that are leveraged from the reality of the fulcrum of the Self.

The play is eternal; the elements that make up the body never die – they are what forever repeat and can be worked with as desired. Idea, and desire to embody idea, is eternal. One is forever using the elements created by God to simulate a framework for developing desired abilities. What isn’t eternal is the belief that one is slave to the elements vs. master of them. What isn’t eternal are the emotions that are seemingly attached to polarization and depolarization for re-polarization of the elements and the transforming compilations of them that simulate the ideas backing their use. Emotions are truly only a problem if they are given power over the still, unchanging and eternal fulcrum of Self-control. One with the fulcrum, only ecstasy is known of the interchanging lights of polarization and depolarization.

One ceases being an unknowing actor in the play by becoming a knowing one.  Transformation from an unknowing actor to a knowing one happens by those “ah-ha” moments and/or in a timeless flash; realization is not subject to polarization or depolarization of the current body. The concept of returning is purely theoretical as one never leaves, nor returns, to the fulcrum.

One says, “Yikes!” to the thought of repeating the same unknowing errors, “Hallelujah!” to the knowledge that undoes those errors by their desired transformation. The gaining of knowledge is innate to evolution as mankind desires to know and work with Source. The initial impetus towards gaining this knowledge may seem to take a good deal of effort, but then inertia, the multiplied desire of will of the Self, takes over.

Until man becomes the fulcrum of his Self, through Cosmic knowing he is but an extension of the fulcrum which moves the universe but when his Self becomes the fulcrum of his Self through knowing the Light of universal Self, he then moves the universe.” (Walter Russell, part 12)

Mankind in general is just passing the point of this great effort, and the momentum of inertia is about to kick in. By the realization of Self-power and the application of it, one does indeed become, as you say, “finished with the reality of non-reality”. And yet the body will continue, transformed by desire for new and improved abilities and ecstatically under the control of the will of desire in Mind.

As one comes to live in the “Godhead” and to apply the knowledge in Mind, one with the fulcrum of power that the Self is, one manifests desired abilities by directing the thought levers of movement at will. Knowing how to simulate ideas with bodies without giving identity and reality to them (and therefore without seeming to be an emotional subject of the “life” and “death” of those bodies) is the climax of the play and the end of the unknowing actor. The realization plus application of the power of working with universal law vs. against it ends the seeming entrapment by the “forgetful flesh” and destroys the belief systems that went along with the ignorance of how power works. It is well to accept that mankind is not yet at the period of inertia and to have patience.

As the fulcrum of the universal body is Self-realized and this realization is applied, memory of realization and application of realized knowledge remains intact; there is no longer any of the amnesia of “unknowing”. One knows exactly how the body came to be as it seems, and how to transform the seeming as desired. Repetition of a body continues because desire is ever present within the fulcrum to embody idea — the desire to create is eternal. And yet, embodiment becomes under the Self-control of the knowledge of Oneness with God the Creator of universal law vs. remaining under the spell of seeming separation. It is the sense of separation from the fulcrum of power and control that inspires the “yikes”. It is knowledge of union that inspires the “hallelujahs”. Therefore, forever seek to bring knowledge to the forefront of Mind and to apply it. Please read Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part home study course to that end. After you have read it once, go through the entire thing again. I printed off all the parts and organized them into binders. I read nightly before I go to bed.

No one wants to return to the way things seemed to be prior to the realization that the body manifests and de-manifests to re-manifest under universal law out of desire for it to do so, and that it’s expression is under knowing Self-control. No one wants to return to being slave to matter once matter has been mastered. The fear of being slave to repetition of the way things seem to be while under the spell of separation is only present while the mechanics of reincarnation are theoretical. Once those mechanics are innately realized, and one begins to work knowingly with them instead of unwittingly against them, the glorious truth of knowledgeable reincarnation eradicates the fear. Little by little, or in the blink of an eye, as you go through the course, this knowledge will come to you as your own.

99.9% of us are seemingly born into the flesh unknowing, but we all reach the end of the unknowing acting wherein each and every one of us knows we are the one and only Supreme Person acting as desired, and that our seeming to be individual personal bodies are extensions from the one point that expresses the entirety of desire for the body (which is one in the same as God’s body). Everything one learns is carried forth; it is refolded into one’s seed pattern. Nothing is ever lost. The “speed” at which one reaches the end of the play to be in control of re-patterning the seed is the measure of desire to seek, know, and be God.

The longing to never have to return disappears as one leaves the concept of existence without creation behind, and follows through with the completion of desired conceptions.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

Walter Russell taught independence vs codependence

A true guru, or teacher of enlightenment, will not create a student body that is dependent on the body or the products of the teacher. A true guru will forever point to the inner guru or teacher that is within – the shared Self of God – for lifelong (eternal) learning.

All throughout the 12 part home study course on universal law, natural science and philosophy by Walter and Lao Russell, the Self is pointed to as the Source of all knowledge. Indeed, Walter Russell was driven to produce a body of teachers of the work he produced who are independent of the need for outside Sources and in-tune with inner knowledge. He often iterated how it only complicates one’s problems by taking them to another person to seek solutions – when all answers to all problems are within.

How is that so, that all answers are within? It is so because everything in the outer mirror is projected there from within.

“Wherever you go, there you are”.

The world that one sees from without is a simulation of the world within. A true teacher points this fact out, and does not act as an imposter self that seemingly holds the solutions to one’s problems (usually at a price).

Learn how creation works in order to be master of matter vs slave to it. Give not time, money, nor attachment love to another body and expect actual solutions in return. The brain is not the Mind. Mind is universal. Another person’s creative expression may invoke inspiration, yet inspiration is free, and it is Self-provided. Make no physical pacts with another; give no one but the Self of God within your holy oath.

Copyright@DarcieFrench 2018

Put thoughts of alien attack to rest

Put thoughts of alien attack to rest, and focus on being Love. Let go of thoughts of killing, for every thought projected returns to its point of origin. Man is ultimately afraid of his own self, via his own attack thoughts. All attack thoughts are indeed alien, and yet there are no verifiable alien bodies housing them. Alien thoughts are hosted by mankind.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean indicate the belief that a superior older race from another planet will someday annihilate us.

Walter Russell says that this is impossible, discrediting the seeming need to prepare for such a possibility and/or dig up Thoth’s space ship allegedly buried under the Sphinx of the pyramid in Giza, Egypt. Many scientific and New Age thinkers alike are in an ongoing search of such purported artifacts due to the mistaken belief in alien attack.

From the Home Study Course lesson 12, the proof that this search is unecessary and contributes to world fear mongering:

Science has much to say about ‘magnetic lines of force’ — both planetary and interplanetary — which do not even exist in nature as you will know when the mystery of curvature is unfolded later in this lesson. Because of these interplanetary lines of force it is presumed that a superior older race from some other planet might annihilate us because of its superior knowledge of the use of these supposedly existent lines of magnetic force for interplanetary travel. We regret that the impossibility of such a happening cannot be fully unfolded here, but we can give this small paragraph or two to give you the following assuring facts.

1. The only possible planet for human life to still unfold is Mars.

2. If there are still Martian people — and there probably are — they are so many millions of years older as a race, that they have become Cosmic Beings who so thoroughly know their unity with God and man that if they could come here it would be to uplift us rather than to hurt us.

He goes on to say that Mercury is still too young to even begin to develop an atmosphere, Venus is too young to host vegetable or animal life, and all of the outer planets are “even more beyond the possibility of animal or vegetable life of any kind”.

The body is vulnerable to all thoughts projected, which, like boomerangs, return to the plasma of their mechanical origins and make changes there. Therefore, mentally give (project) only thoughts of love vs thoughts of fear, and take delight in a physiological system that isn’t driven by fight or flight, but by love, as intended by the Creator.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

Dear Mankind

The ascension is to a qualitative mental state that includes knowledge that when applied, equates to eternally being enabled to create balanced simulations of reality. The ascension puts a stop to continual seeming rebirth “into” the forgetful flesh and begins the eternity of life lived in Heaven with the body being controlled by Mind vs. enslaved by the senses.

The ascension is not, as commonly believed by the masses, a physical experience noted by the senses that gives the physical bodies of some more survival power than others (“others” being those who have not made the literal discovery believed to unearth the truth). The ascension is not about physical powers gleaned from literal discoveries but about the uncovering of the innate knowledge that enables the creation of Source-empowered states of physical well-being.

360 degree perception is not about trumping the material world and thus proving a limited portion of mankind’s “might over right”. It is not about locating a spaceship buried beneath the sphinx of an Egyptian pyramid that can potentially “fight (literal) alien bad guys” and/or take us off the planet we are self-destructing on out of sheer ignorance when it comes to applying knowledge. It is about uncovering the buried knowledge of how to transcend the alien thought that one is separated from the truth of what the ascension actually is, and how that knowledge can be applied individually for the universal betterment of all.

The ascension is about recalling the knowledge of being one with Source. It is about recalling the state of Mind that doesn’t locate all value in the seemingly living and dying simulated quantifications of the one reality and the one identity of Man. The ascension is the realization of the quality of eternal life that transcends all temporal perceptions of illusion.

So many seem to be putting value almost solely in the simulation of creation vs. the knowledge of Oneness with the Creator of it. So many with money and influence are still seeking for remnants of the ancient past in order to recreate a future of powering over ignorance with the enjoyment of temporary accolades vs. the ongoing application of innate eternal knowledge.

Many in the limelight of today’s New Age thinkers are still seeking for truth in the world of unrealities. Many are still putting faith into the deceptions of the senses, and ignoring that which is known.

Walter Russell explained how the universe works many many years ago – no “new” discoveries are necessary beyond the sharing, freely, of how to apply ancient knowledge in the now for the public good. This knowledge is explained by redeemer figures such as Jesus Christ as often as necessary (the necessity of the explanations bring driven by the decision of mankind to war against the Law of Love vs. to work with it) as Father Brahma’s yugas cycle from seed of idea to fully unfolded simulation of idea back to the seed to again unfold.

The physical universe unfolds to it’s high point of evolution to refold back to it’s starting point forever and ever. Countless times has the cosmic play started and ended until the star of the show realizes that he/she lives not as a living/dying body but solely as one with the eternally ecstatic, balanced interchange between all beginnings and endings of the entire repeating simulation of all of the one idea of creation.

It is again high time for mankind to go within to innate knowledge and by doing so uncover the buried truth, and from that point of ascension, apply the knowledge that is revealed.

Might I suggest the redemption of studying Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part home study course. It is a focus point that leads away from the prideful accolades of discoveries of might for the few and towards the innate truth that is everyone’s right to know and apply. There are links to the information online. It is all free.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

On Becoming Cosmic Man

All of mankind comes to understand fully from non-dimensional knowledge that the past and the future are one in the same – everyone comes to know the One Stillness backing the feedback/feedforward loop of seeming motion that creates and de-creates matter for its re-creation. Time seemingly going forward is simultaneously voided by time seemingly going backwards – both halves eternally power the other. Both halves together as one represent one eternity.

There is One Being Who thinks a still equilibrium of knowledge into seemingly opposite but potentially equal conditions to present the illusion of the one idea – creation- forever becoming manifest.

There is no life nor death to creation, there is only the illusion of them – all of Life is within the still equilibrium and never leaves it by the illusions of space and time that are necessary to make idea appear to be manifest.

The One Being that is God/Self/I is eternally aware of the ecstatic, rhythmic interchange between the seeming life and the seeming death of creation. The ultimate goal for all is to know and work with the Law of Love that creation is founded upon and to thereby know of Oneness with Self-ecstasy throughout all the periodicities of creation’s wave. There is only one element that seems to be a multitude of various different things.

The Bhagavad Gita explains the repetitive cycling of the yugas. Walter Russell explains it too. Those in our ancient past that knew more than we do ‘now’ are us ‘in the future’. This knowledge has eternally unfolded at various mature positions in the wave, and then refolded back into the idea’s seed to again unfold.

“Evolution and creation are one in the same thing” said Dr David R Hawkins.

Cosmic man, by the knowledge and application of the Law of Love, transcends all perceptual belief in wave positionalities to forever live as One with universal equilibrium. No longer subject to belief in ‘life vs death’ he/she has transcended both to live eternally in the balanced stillness of the nonlinear state of creative ecstasy.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018