The Equality of Light Workers

Nature is engaged in the making of but one form– the cube-sphere–which means the same as though we said female-male of man.” (Walter Russell)

Perhaps it could be said that Eve is the expansive, “female” condition of the cube, and Adam is the concentrated,  “male” condition of the sphere and that Adam and Eve are the sex-conditioned dual electric light workers engaged as one in ongoing interchange in order to weave the tapestries of the Universal One’s creation.

Every sun which is projected into space by one swing of polarity’s pendulum has its mate in a black, vacuous hole of equal potential on the other side of its wave axis, which is waiting to “swallow it up” when the pendulum reverses its swing.” (Walter Russell)

The Universal One’s knowledge of this interchange is of pure ecstasy; knowledge of creation is of pure desire expressed interchanging in pure desire fulfilled. All of creation interchanges with all of creation to simulate in form the formless ecstasy of the One Desire simultaneously expressed and fulfilled.

God, the One Light, seemingly divides into the two oppositely electrically sexed conditions of the cube (black hole) and the sphere (sun). The cube and the sphere are one volume of desire in the Light of God expressing and fulfilling. Eve is the black hole cube of dark space, and Adam is the spherical incandescent sun.

Adam and Eve are forever paired as one creative Man by God’s thinking to weave the tapestries of creation. While Adam appears first before Eve in Genesis, no sphere can come before or without the cube: they occur simultaneously. The sequential division between the cube and the sphere (night and day, for example) is only apparent to the senses; in reality, it is known that they are one entity of creation and cannot be divided. The cube and the sphere of creation are absolutely equal partners; there could not appear to be one without the other.

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