Walter & Lao Russell’s Home Study Course

Here are the links to Abundant Hope website where you can download for free Walter and Russell Lao’s 12 Part Home Study Program on Universal Law, Natural Science and Philosophy. Included will be highlight quotes from each part.

Walter Russell was fully illuminated in 1921 during a solar eclipse that took out the telegraph wires. During his illumination he was shown exactly how the cosmos works; specifically, how God makes and unmakes to remake bodies of mass.

In his 12 part study course, which was written with his wife Lao, Russell explains and illustrates with charts exactly what he was shown during his illumination. He essentially explains how Krishna’s four arms (two visible and two invisible) work to appear, disappear and forever reappear this motion picture show of the cosmos.

Highlight quote from Part 1 that speaks to how the universe is not dying a heat death by entropy:

The fundamental cosmogony of science which so amazed me was what might be termed a transient, discontinuous, unbalanced one -way universe which had a beginning aeons ago by the unexplained and unexplainable formation of a tremendous flaming mass of heat which is slowly radiating away by splitting into smaller masses which expand within themselves, and from each other, until they eventually end in heat death. Out of this unnatural theory came the first and second laws of thermodynamics which have no validity whatsoever, for the premise that heat is energy, upon which they are founded, has no validity. The resultant one-way universe allowed for no compensating generation to counterbalance its radiation,despite the accepted law of equal and opposite action and reaction. “Energy cannot run up hill”, science says, “it can only run down hill”, It so happens in God’s plan that energy neither runs up, nor down hill.

God’s universal body is a two-way compensating, continuous and eternal universe of absolute balance in every effect of motion. Generation equals radiation, compression equals expansion, the red half of the spectrum equals the blue half, solid matter balances the potential of its surrounding space in every wave field, and each one of every opposite pair not only balances with its opposite but borns its opposite through sequential interchange.

God’s universe is entirely composed of microcosmic and macrocosmic masses of pulsing electric waves which we call matter. These pulsing waves constitute the universal heartbeat, or universal breath of God’s body. God’s body continues itsmanifestation of the life principle by breathing outward and inward sequentially, just as you breathe out and in in balanced sequences to continue your appearance of existence. Every mass in the universe breathes out and in, rhythmically. There are no exceptions to this law which every nebula, sun, planet or electron of an atom obeys, but in varying frequencies appropriate to their potential. Your breath frequency may be ten [cycles] per minute while the sun’s frequency is one cycle in eleven years. The most obvious fact of Nature is its repetition [in reverse] of every effect of motion in two-way pulsing cycles. It is unaccountably strange that science has never observed this most obvious of all of Nature’s characteristics. Every cycle in Nature is a two-way, equal interchange between pairs of opposite conditions. That interchange between the equally balanced anodes and cathodes of this electric wave universe constitute its pulsing heartbeat, which likewise is cyclic, otherwise it could not continue. This electric wave universe of divided pressures is an electric record of God’s thinking. It is the Creation of an ever living and eternal Creator.

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