The Timeless Universe

The universe of thought-wave motion of simultaneous contraction and expansion that is sequentially noted through the senses is believed, because of the alternating sequence between appearance and disappearance, to be timed – that is to say, it is believed to have a beginning and an ending. It is believed that there was a big bang, and for better or for worse, that the universe is traveling at light speed to its end.

And yet, the universe is Timeless. Light doesn’t travel, but propagate and de-propagate through interchange of opposite conditions. Those opposing conditions have no beginning or ending. All beginnings and endings come from and return to the same still Point via imagined interchange. To the senses, this coming from and returning to is noted as appearance and disappearance. To the Mind at rest in Source, it is perfect equilibrium.

Appearance is contraction or the effect of concentrative thinking, and disappearance is expansion, or the effect of decentrated thinking. These two directions of motion (inward from the Point and outward from the Point) interchange roles. That which goes in, comes out coming back the other way.

This two-way flow of the effect of decentration becoming the effect of concentration becoming decentration becoming concentration is the Pulse of Life’s expression of eternal imaginings “materializing”. Contraction could be seen as the backwards flow, and expansion as the forward flow of time. Together, though, they cancel each other out. It is only to the senses that they seem to be working separately, because the senses cannot detect the backwards flow. To the senses, time seems divided into a past and a future that are separated from the present. And yet, the motion arranging light waves into and out of seeming solidity wholly stems from the expression of one idea that is still, timeless. The expression of idea doesn’t leave its source.

We can know what looks like the beginning of the expression of idea, and the end of that expression, by resting in the Point of Interchange as the continuous flow of thought-waves brings imagined concept to imagined completion and seamlessly eternally repeats the sequence. And we can see what looks like a beginning and an ending through the senses by noting the effects of contraction and expansion. When we look to the sun, we look to a beginning, we look to the effect of concentrative thinking, and when we look out into the space surrounding the sun, we look to an ending, we look to the effect of decentrative thinking as if it is separate from concentrative thinking. But that dichotomy is only seeming, as there is no division between the two. They are two timed “shapes” to the senses, which in reality interchange agelessly, and all shapes produced by them are transient reflections of that interchange and so can have no shape of their own. “I” is never divided by “I am”.

The alternating sequence between expansion and contraction never varies in principle. What varies is the preponderance of either ‘direction’ of motion and the effects that are displayed to the senses at those varying preponderances. Through the senses, or empirical knowledge based in observation alone, the sequential alternation between contraction and expansion of the universe seems to report that the universe is timed.

The oldest that the seeming erection of idea from the static plane of imagining can be is its maturity date while it serves its purpose, which is 13.7 billion years. This “age” never changes, because it is based on the two-way interchange between conception and completion, and not on a one-way train of thought. It is based on the reversals of direction of motion that never vary. The dance between appearance and disappearance, mature conception and newborn conception, is a feedforward/feedback loop. All “aging” leads to “re-birthing” of the one universal idea.

We can compare pictures of the nebulous beginnings of the universe with it’s concentrations of mature matter from the Point of Interchange vs the senses, and instead of perceiving a so-called beginning lacking impetus (a much argued impetus, I might say, that divides man from Being Love), perceive the entire cycle of interchange as one timeless expression of Love. The only timeline we see is expansion returning to contraction to continue expansion from a timeless point. The universe is always the same age as it timelessly repeats this sequence of interchange between two shapes from one still Point of Imagining.

Copyright@Darcie French 2021