God’s Balanced Love

Universal form is breathed in by the illusion of motion from the total Equilibrium of the Absolute as desires are embodied and multiplied in order to simulate the wholeness of God’s Kingdom. Formed idea is simultaneously breathed out as it is breathed in; without the perceptual contrast between “in and out”, there is no illusion of a subjective event horizon or stage upon which to act.  Without constant interchange between opposing forces out of equilibrium coming together to cancel each other out, there can be no Cosmic Play simulating God’s Balanced Kingdom.

The radiating half of life that is breathing out balances its concentrating counterpart that is breathing in.  As breath in is interchanged with breath out and thereby “cancelled”, Mind rests in the equator of equilibrium or “zero point of stillness” (Walter Russell) where the illusion of life and death meeting in motion join as one to cancel each other out in Stillness. With yin, there must be yang, or the forces of the cosmic movie cannot interchange to simulate God’s Stillness, and therefore cannot play.

Embodiment of ideas based on the interchange of life and death is as infinite as Mind so desires. What is desired in the Mind of God is testified to with attention paid to the desire as it unfolds. What is undesired or fulfilled is no longer given attention. The pattern of desires unfolding/refolding is eternally recorded in spacememory, and can be given and released attention as one so desires.

God’s Play can be given attention or it can be surrendered; that is the meaning of free will. Without testifying to duality, Mind is at rest in the Stillness of Reality without consciousness of the ongoing interchange between yin and yang; the interchange of Reality is only an interchange of nonlinear Love between Father and Son. The One eternal Desire of the Son of God is to rest in the Balanced Cradle of His Father’s Love, where the breathing in and out of all other desire never was.