Interchange Between Black holes and Suns

One cannot say that the universe ever dies. There is no death on any level – not of form (effect), nor of Formlessness (Cause) backing it. Cause is eternal and effect forever repeats as desired in Cause.

God’s creation is expressed through His-Her ecstatic Thinking to seemingly divide the One Still Light into equal but oppositely conditioned extensions that work together to weave, unweave and re-weave the ever transforming tapestries of creation. The senses perceive the seeming outer change of creation (they perceive life and death as being separate), while Innate Knowledge of Life is of ecstatic nonlinear undivided interchange within the Mind of the Father-Mother Creator. In the Mind of the Creator, life and death are one continuous interchange.

Form-wise, there are only cube-sphere electric light units of interchanging motion from the galactic to the atomic of black holes of space and spherical suns forever interchanging with one another to simulate the illusion of change. All there is to Know of the Magnetic Cause backing the electrical illusion of alternating appearance and disappearance is the ecstasy interchanging with the Real Ecstasy of the Thinking God-Mind. Desire in the Mind of God is Known as pure ecstasy in continuous climax with pure ecstasy. The black hole and the sun are One Thought of God’s, only seemingly separated from one another into the male condition of concentration and the female condition of expansion via the senses. The Knowledge of their unity and indivisibility is of changeless ecstasy; Nirvana is the pinnacle of all desire coming to fruition.

“… the belief of science that the universe is dying a heat death by the expansion of suns is due to not knowing that there are as many black evacuated holes in space for the reborning of suns as there are compressed suns for the reborning of evacuated Black holes. Together the interchange between these two conditions constitutes the heartbeat of the universe, and they are EQUAL. Being equal they are balanced and continuous, eternally.” (Walter Russell)

In the Absolute State of Mind is all desire known to be eternally fulfilling. No thing is ever created. Everything is an effect of God’s ongoing creating.

Here’s a short video using everyday materials to demonstrate how suns and black holes interchange.

At 9 seconds, watch the first black hole form, which is the centrifugal base of the vortex that is drawing water down the drain, and then watch the outline of the spiral go down the centering shaft as motion of the whirlpool begins to speed up. At 35 seconds watch a large black hole form around the vortex. The black hole is a large outbreath that speeds up the centripetal motion at the vortex of the spiraling water, which concentrates the bubbles to a point at 47 seconds, seemingly forming a sphere (sun) that is then turned back inside out.

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