God’s Recording System

There is no death to the Idea of Creation, nor to the body of it. Like the sea sponge that can be compressed into a bunch of separated cells that immediately begin to regroup/reform, the human body alternates between the rest of expansion and the activity of contraction.

We truly need to understand this fact in order to work with the Law and cease working against ourselves and denigrating our seed patterns. It is not only our grandchildren who suffer from the effects of our violating the Law, but ourselves, as our bodies repeat our unevolved thought patterns and we continually remember dysfunction, until we ourselves make improvements. It is up to each individual to ascend to the universality of One, Now. Now is the only time there is to cease and desist with the substitutions for manifesting God. We are not meant to just be nice humans, getting along with each other. We are meant to manifest God. We are meant to “see, know, and be” God. We are meant to manifest our Selves.

To be the Law and to work with it is to be able to plot out eternity. It is to be enabled to “know what to do” with all the seeming curve balls that life throws. To see the universe as a timeless whole, and understand that each part of the universe moves to accommodate the movement of every other part, we will quickly understand that the imbalances in Nature are human devised, and that it is up to us humans to Self-correct via Oneness with the Law of Love.

The following is an excerpt from the Study Course about how God’s recording system works to keep “every hair on one’s head counted” as the saying goes. There is no death at all in this thought-wave universe; there is eternal repetition. It’s up to each and every individual to seek out the Interchanging Point of Self-Command and Control.


The inert gases are not elements. They will not mix with any of the elements, for they represent the spiritual universe as recorders of thoughts and actions. They are the “BOOKS” of God’s bookkeeping system. The unfolded patterns of all creating things are refolded in them for rebirth.

Likewise, they carry desire within them for unfolding from their seed-records that which they have recorded for aeons of repetitions for again repeating with the last added recordings of every patterned growing thing–be it lion or mouse–rose or forest tree–man or mountain, or even be it mighty star or nebula of the high heavens.

The inert gases are fulcrums for their octave waves. Electric thought impulses extend from their zero and return to them, in them is the inertia for the next impulse to come, the last having “gone to rest”, as all things in Nature always do.

Do you think that your body can die? If so, observe the “soul” of radium leaving its depolarizing body in rays of light which are inert gases. You can actually see them in a spinthariscope. Radium will have another body when its depolarization reverses–as all effects of motion always do. It will arise from the records of itself in the resting plane of its wave axis. This it must do, else the heartbeat of the universe would not function true to purpose.

You may think your body can be killed by a bullet, perhaps, or by some unforeseen violent explosion. If so, try to “kill” a filament of tungsten by passing a hundred thousand volts of electric current through it. There will be nothing left of the body of tungsten. That explosion will dissolve all of it into fine vapor–but there is something which centers that tungsten body which cannot be exploded or in any way be affected by a thousand times such voltage. Helium, argon and neon emanations of inert light will still remain and the body of tungsten will as surely be repeated as that the next pulsebeat of the universe will repeat its last one.

Likewise, your body can neither die, nor be killed. It can but rest for a period. Those rest periods of all creating things cannot be evaded. In the meantime every thought and action of your Mind and your body, likewise every patterned form of every part of your body has been recorded cycle after cycle for the millions of years of your unfolding on this planet, as well as countless millions of years of repetitions–repetitions–repetitions of your Being.

No–your body cannot die or be killed. It can but rest between cycles of action while YOU, your Self, eternally exist as Conscious desire for Being which you eternally repeat in bodies which manifest your Being.

Remember THAT. Always remember that something centers your body which cannot be hurt or destroyed, and that is the Conscious Light of YOU whom you are now seeking and forever will until you find your Self in the Light of the One Being.
Remember that YOU exist eternally in the Light of Universal Soul–and your patterned body exists eternally in the inert gases which record your patterned body and surround the still point of Light of your Universal Soul.

When all motion has ceased which constitutes body, desire still remains to repolarize and again unfold that complexly patterned form which lies within a measureless, ultra microscopic point of that inert Light which forever awaits unfolding into the forms imprisoned there. And as every leaf and fibre of the mighty wind-blown oak is enfolded within a measureless point of light, so, also, is every bone, and tissue, and fibre of man’s wonderfully patterned body thus enfolded.

You cannot, therefore, kill the oak by sawing it down, for all that has unfolded from that fulcrumseed-Soul to manifest the idea of the oak has refolded into its fulcrum-seed-Soul wherein lies the eternity of the oak tree idea.

If you now ask of us: “Well–but what happens to my identity?”–we answer you that your
identity is the sum total of your experiences over millions of years, and the record of all of those experiences is enfolded in the alpha, beta, gamma, helium, neon, argon, krypton, zenon and niton rays of that other world of Inner Light which is existent eternally within our transient world.” (Walter and Lao Russell)