Spiritualized Reality Therapy

Is the Self motion or stillness, space or solidity? The Self is stillness, imagining the motion that presents the illusion of solidity to the senses of man.

Spiritualized Reality Therapy (SRT) is a personal, therapist-free counselling format under development. Currently it is using a variety of modalities based in locating and identifying the Self as being one with the nonlinear Reality of the still Interchanging Point of all that seems to be. What is and what seems to be are defined as stillness and motion. The Interchanging Point is the fulcrum of Life’s expression from which all seeming motion is leveraged, and this is “Home” for all of mankind. It is the nonlinear Heaven of Now.

SRT is based in the saying, “Be still, and know I am God” – Now. It is based in understanding universal law and how the illusion of spacetime works. Everything is returned to stillness and the knowledge it arises from for re-expression and oneness with the Point of that Interchange is the ecstatic Reality of the co-Creator. Motion is recognized to be imagined, and to be “happening/unhappening” in still Awareness. One may command and control the electric interchange of the body from the Magnetic stillness of Mind.

Most counseling formats do not include God/Creator/Source from the outset, and the body and the ego are erroneously located/identified with as the Self. SRT puts Self-Realization in stillness, not motion.

In working with The Point, one doesn’t limit options for relief by adhering to belief systems that promote the ego’s thought that one should think without Balance. One seeks out any and all options for substitution-free relief from symptoms of separation sickness, which is relief from feeling unbalanced. This is a thought-wave universe of the Mind, and all healings are Mind healings that balance thinking to be in sync with the Creator’s. Healing, ultimately, is to rest in the Balanced Love of Heaven even while the body seems to move.

Working with God in Mind opens up a whole new world of “spiritualized” therapies that encourage healing of the belief in separation from Source and the idea of death. These therapies assist in getting one through the unbalanced fight or flight patches, returning one to rest in The Point of balanced interchange. Each time one gets through a fearful period and “the worst happens, but nothing happens, and Love continues” one grows stronger in the knowledge of oneness with God’s eternal Balance. As eternity goes by while taking Self-Control, the idea of death/lack of balance lessons, and altogether disappears.

Death of the body doesn’t mean the Self disappears along with it – the body is not the Self, the body is but an idea of the Self in seeming motion. It is the illusion of motion at the command of stillness. The generation of seeming life in the first half of the cycle of creation is as desired as the second half of degeneration of that seeming life when the Self is known to be anchored in The Point. In other words, life and death become seamless – a non-event- they become no different than waking in the morning and going to sleep at night. One realizes that one is always joined in God’s Mind, and all that goes with the body is the belief in the perishable. What comes with, back to the seed pattern, is the complete record of the body for its resurrection.

The body appears and disappears to reappear, and Self-Awareness is never born and never dies. At rest in eternity, the body is imagined and controlled from the balanced Interchanging Point of Allness, vs the unbalancing limitations of belief in helpless change.

One is meant to manifest comfort in the Highest Good. One is meant to know Love completely as one’s own Self.

Life is a glorious expression of Love being Love.

Some therapies & courses for assistance with recalling the Supreme