Exploring eternity unencumbered

What is an “ego trap”? Since consciousness is within the domain of ego, are we not, then, all “trapped by ego”?

The inclination is to say yes – duh! :). Yet, the Truthful Answer is actually no – not Really – ego can only seem to get one to agree on levels and layers of falsehood for a time – it cannot actually interrupt Service of Truth. So while it seems like “we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for ego traps”, that is because the perception of “we-ness” is the illusion. There is only one experience of the belief in separation from Source.

Dr David R Hawkins developed what he called a Map of Consciousness (R) that outlines the various levels of subjectivity or consciousness of a separate self via a numerical scale with associated descriptive values. He has written many books and given many lectures on how to transcend the various levels of consciousness. Enlightenment is the way “out” from the idea of ego entrapment, and Hawkins provides a veritable library of “self-help” to that end. The focus is moving away from the restrictive Newtonian paradigm of thought; partiality is being abandoned for Totality, in favour of realizing spirit and exploring eternity unencumbered. Dr Hawkins’ books and lectures are like “mind candy” for the spiritually-minded. Through the Map of Consciousness (R), one can “look at the belief in separation”, in the Presence of a gentle Teacher, and let it gently go.

God’s Son, the One Self of Creation, is never actually trapped. The Self of Creation is always one with God, always being Sourced, always being Powered. The concept of “ego entrapment” is an errant thought, it is an illusion; one is never actually separated from Source. One can notice and surrender the linear while it still appears meaningful, knowing that the world of perception is but a little blip, a momentary lapse from Reality, and all is actually always well.

Said Dr Hawkins on the beauty of enlightenment, “With the disappearance of conceptual thought and its propensity for categorization and explanation, the Allness, Oneness, Harmony, and Totality of the Divine Reality shine forth in the splendor and exquisite beauty that are intrinsic and unique to all of Creation.”

Perhaps it could be said that humanity comes from One Love, expressed in the form of many blessings, all of which both outline, and illuminate, the way Home.



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