The Importance of Applying Knowledge

I felt compelled, when Mind began to flower with the truth of Self-control, to leave things "as they were" in order to focus on applying what I knew to moving the universe as I so desired. I left my husband, kids, career, pets, house, belongings and I moved the body to another country. I needed … Continue reading The Importance of Applying Knowledge

The inappropriateness of extending fight or flight

When one recalls the Interchange of Love with the Father vs the nervous system's perception of outer change, there is no chance for fight or flight to kick in (and cause trouble in the Sonship). Every non-loving thought about a brother becomes a barrier to Knowing the Father's Love, and every loving thought about a … Continue reading The inappropriateness of extending fight or flight

Transcending the pairs of opposites that represent the indivisible One, to Know existing Union with God, aka the Normal State of Mind

Pairs of electrical opposites represent the Magnetic unity of Father and Son, but they can never become what they represent. The opposite of the narcissistic ego (the part that says, "look here at this electricity") is the empathic ego (the part that agrees, and "turns and looks").  The empath that answers the call to look … Continue reading Transcending the pairs of opposites that represent the indivisible One, to Know existing Union with God, aka the Normal State of Mind

Helping homo barbarian awaken to his Truth

Adjectives for Homo Spiritus: courageous, kind, benign, loving, accountable, honest, impulsively helpful, intelligent, compassionate Adjectives for homo barbarian: fearful, cruel, malignant, terrifying, unaccountable, dishonest, impulsively destructive, ignorant, passionate Homo barbarian takes from life to build his self up. Homo Spiritus shares with life to build His Self up. Homo barbarian says, "me first", Homo Spiritus … Continue reading Helping homo barbarian awaken to his Truth

Hallucinate better

How to let go of the "tiny, mad idea" that the Son forgot to laugh about? Well, collectively, one has "gotta laugh". But not only that, collectively, we can decide to hallucinate better. Through corrected perception, one may realize instead the happy dream, the dream that counters the idea of death and lack with that … Continue reading Hallucinate better

Making and moving mountains

I believed I was separated from Source by my own so-called “bad karma” of bodily existence and that if Source found me, it would take me out of bodily existence. Essentially, I believed I was unworthy of Being the Love that is Creation and is my own Self. Out of that belief, mountains of “sin” … Continue reading Making and moving mountains

Perfect Peace without exception

Occluded by the sensual interpretation of the illusion of it not happening, the peace of enlightenment is what already is. Perfect Peace is the Birthright of the Self. Please forgive the temporal nature of the following account, for the only Truth in time and out of time is Love. This is the Truth that seems … Continue reading Perfect Peace without exception

Understand the Christ

It's a common misconception that to empathize with suffering is kindness that will lead to a higher state, wherein mind can rest in peace. Yet the idea of sharing suffering is not peaceful to mind, it is agonizing. It is not kindness or love or peace to make suffering seem real, but to make the … Continue reading Understand the Christ

No vacancy of love

How to be vigilant for the Kingdom of God? You are the Kingdom, and you are Love. So to be vigilant for Love, cancel out non-loving thoughts. Fake it till you make it if you need to - it's ok, most everyone needs to. Cancel out unloving thoughts with “I Love you so-and-so”. Each time … Continue reading No vacancy of love

Find the split and let it go

Healing happens as mind resumes Knowledge of Self-Love. Sometimes the body appears to follow suit, and heal as well. And yet, all bodily healing is as temporary as perception itself; permanent healing happens in the mind, regardless of the physical, when the will is Known to Be Unified with God's. This is why it is … Continue reading Find the split and let it go

Extend love to know love

Self is created by God, via the extension of Love. In the Beginning, there was only Awareness of Self as Love and the ability to create by extending love. Ego is a subjective self made by mind, via the willingness to be separate from extending Love. Love is the Kingdom of God, and fear, the … Continue reading Extend love to know love

Healing the separation

What is the meaning of the separation, how did/does it come to be, and how can it be healed, now? The believed separation from Love seems ongoing but never complete. It can never be complete because it is not possible to separate from Source; it is only believed to be possible. Separation happens through the … Continue reading Healing the separation