Extend love to know love

Self is created by God, via the extension of Love. In the Beginning, there was only Awareness of Self as Love and the ability to create by extending love. Ego is a subjective self made by mind, via the willingness to be separate from extending Love. Love is the Kingdom of God, and fear, the … Continue reading Extend love to know love

Healing the separation

What is the meaning of the separation, how did/does it come to be, and how can it be healed, now? The believed separation from Love seems ongoing but never complete. It can never be complete because it is not possible to separate from Source; it is only believed to be possible. Separation happens through the … Continue reading Healing the separation

God is the Store, Love is the candy

At about age three, I noticed the ego and was plummeted into a world of fear and anxiety. It is with great Love that I thank everyone I have ever met, and will ever meet, for the divine help in the undoing of the subjective self I made that seemed to exist separate from God's … Continue reading God is the Store, Love is the candy

Deep surrender, deep Love

With deep surrender of the thoughts about the content of consciousness is Awareness of deep Love. Surrender of emotional attachment to the temporary uncovers the infinite Awareness of the Context that Sources Allness, Always. Only ego or the voice for the temporary would have one get emotional when the temporary seems threatened. Spirit, though, cannot … Continue reading Deep surrender, deep Love

The Glory noted as the absence of time

“I” take full credit for not having much in the way of “follow through”. I take full credit for stopping short of finishing, because there is no longer an actually-believed-to-be linear sequencing of events stemming from “me”. “Me” is but the effect of the thought “I am”; all that is manifest stems from the effects … Continue reading The Glory noted as the absence of time

Exploring eternity unencumbered

What is an “ego trap”? Since consciousness is within the domain of ego, are we not, then, all “trapped by ego”? The inclination is to say yes – duh! :). Yet, the Truthful Answer is actually no - not Really - ego can only seem to get one to agree on levels and layers of … Continue reading Exploring eternity unencumbered

The non-significance of suffering

Only in time does one see how attractive entertaining the idea of suffering can be, for the ego and its concepts outside of Love cannot exist in “the now”, they only exist in the temporal ideas of the past and the future. The ego spins a tale of karmic responsibility for the past that one … Continue reading The non-significance of suffering