What already is requires no future

For the writer as all concepts, perception, form, thought (consciousness of “having a mind” itself) dissolved in the Unmanifest of Absolute Love, there was no grief at the loss of such things. There was no consciousness of such things. There was no loss of such things; such things had never existed. Loss never existed.

Such things had apparently only been illusions made up by the part of mind that actively explores itself as experience. The “what if things were a different kind of experience” state of mind disappeared into the delicious, ineffable, changeless, ever-whole and perfect sameness from which it was born of, and the sameness to which it dies back into. It was discovered that the separated mind and its contents were not part of the real Self.

It is like God, or Power Source, or Self, is the Center of All-Pervading Love. Power as the essence of Pure Love emanates from this Center and extends everywhere. The extending power is God’s Creation, and it is free to identify with Itself, or not. Self-Identification is a kind of return to, or recognition of God’s eternal Love and one’s own Power Source, and by this recognition, one rests in one’s Power. One is the Love as it extends, and nothing else. This is “sharing God’s Will” and “creating how God creates” – by extension of Love.

God’s Creation is also free to follow a will that seems as if it is separate. Identification with the Source of power is Knowledge of the Self or the Christ of God’s Creation – the “Child”, or “the Son of God” within, and identification with the seemingly separate-from-Source nature of consciousness (assignation of duality) is consciousness of the Son of God without.

Awareness of Power as Self becomes conscious of experience without power when identification moves from Source of power to the seeming “outer realms” of the flow of power, and it is as if the time it takes to extend plus the perceived distance away from Self determine reality instead of Source. Buying into illusions of time and distance seemingly solidify the concept of separation. Creation appears momentarily solid and divided into many varieties of form as power is willfully confined by attachment to the thought of “my separateness”. In “my time” and “my space”, “my self” is born. When power is allowed to flow of its own accord again, when the idea of separation is released from mind, identification returns to Source, resistance dissolves, and form, like a clay figure in an incoming tide, goes back into where it came from. Comfort can be taken from knowing that one does not experience one’s death “when” it happens, because one has already left the concept of death. One has returned to a state of being that isn’t attached to the material.

In the Absolute of God’s Love, one is not conscious of mind or body, one is Aware only of Pure Love, as an energetic Being that is both “giving” and “receiving” this Love. In this state, as Dr David R Hawkins has said, “what already is requires no future”. No matter what is going on in consciousness, the ever active part of mind that follows different wills, there is always the option to share the Will of God, and rest in the Absolute.





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