Glossary of terms: Awareness

"Awareness" Awareness of Love Being is Absolute; Awareness of Love Being is All-Knowledge. Adam's Awareness is Absolute, but seems divided by his dream of perceptual unrealities, the contents of which are continually embodied in consciousness and disembodied in unconsciousness. When Adam wakes from the dream of consciousness/unconsciousness, he realizes that he is under Supreme Control … Continue reading Glossary of terms: Awareness

Q & A on difference between impersonal God realization and personal God realization or illuminated information and Direct Knowledge

Q: Hello. It’s me again… I have to ask this again in another way… 🙂 In Eastern traditions like Advaita for instance, there is simply One Self, uncreated, that is existence-consciousness-bliss. There is only one infinite soul/being/consciousness. Being infinite and eternal, nothing else can come into existence or be created, because you can’t add anything … Continue reading Q & A on difference between impersonal God realization and personal God realization or illuminated information and Direct Knowledge

Spirit has no levels, only consciousness appears to

There are no levels of Spirit or Source; without identification with production of matter/outsourcing energy, Source is Known only to be the Oneness of the "ultimate and perfect condition". There are only "perceived" differentials within consciousness that seem to "spin away" from the perfect, still equilibrium of Self-Awareness. “Perception did not exist until the separation … Continue reading Spirit has no levels, only consciousness appears to

Lose the gods of sickness

One either chooses to look upon the world through Love, which is how God, Who is Love, would have His Son Know Perfect Health - or with fear, which is how ego, or the inventor of the gods of sickness, would have creation appear to suffer and die. Such a pair of diametrically opposed viewpoints … Continue reading Lose the gods of sickness

No vacancy of love

How to be vigilant for the Kingdom of God? You are the Kingdom, and you are Love. So to be vigilant for Love, cancel out non-loving thoughts. Fake it till you make it if you need to - it's ok, most everyone needs to. Cancel out unloving thoughts with “I Love you so-and-so”. Each time … Continue reading No vacancy of love

Healing the separation

What is the meaning of the separation, how did/does it come to be, and how can it be healed, now? The believed separation from Love seems ongoing but never complete. It can never be complete because it is not possible to separate from Source; it is only believed to be possible. Separation happens through the … Continue reading Healing the separation

Fear of enlightenment

What is the fear of enlightenment? It is nothing more than the fear of the death of a thought system that is seemingly capable of selecting between illusions. That which can select this falsehood or that falsehood as being more “valuable”, “worthy” or “meaningful” is disabled by enlightenment -- and it all becomes Good, with … Continue reading Fear of enlightenment

Nonlinear parenting

“My” love for “my” children pales in comparison to God's Love, my love is fraught with conditions, and so instead I recognize/acknowledge the Father of Creation's. Parenting is easier when it's handed over to God, when His Will is shared in the family home. This is really just allowing Self-Love over enforcing the rules of … Continue reading Nonlinear parenting

Deep surrender, deep Love

With deep surrender of the thoughts about the content of consciousness is Awareness of deep Love. Surrender of emotional attachment to the temporary uncovers the infinite Awareness of the Context that Sources Allness, Always. Only ego or the voice for the temporary would have one get emotional when the temporary seems threatened. Spirit, though, cannot … Continue reading Deep surrender, deep Love

The Self, Realized

The activity within consciousness makes up a very small “part” of nonlinear Self, the part that is obviously seemingly limited by its own subjective experiential parameters. Consciousness is not capable of being aware of anything beyond the subjective experience of the information contained by the event horizon. Consciousness can't know its own oneness with God/Self; … Continue reading The Self, Realized

Belief vs direct knowledge

I was visited some time ago by a couple of lovely Mormon sisters, whom I invited to sit with me in my living room. After a couple of visits, it essentially surfaced that they were on a mission to convert my behaviour to be more in alignment with the Mormon idea of “God's expectations for … Continue reading Belief vs direct knowledge

The enlightenment script

Within one consciousness, operationally, the one Son of God behaves as if many subjective selves. According to Dr David R Hawkins via consciousness research, and proven through physics by Nassim Haramein, only about one percent or so of the universe is conscious/manifest. The rest is only Awareness that is Silent and Self-Supporting. One hundred percent … Continue reading The enlightenment script