No body necessary

Life is ever serendipitous within as one identifies with and enjoys the Source of one pure Love, or the Self, and the inner realm of revelation. And the world, viewed as the many blessings that reflect this one Self, brings only a sense of serendipity. Now is (K)now(n) not as an experience in consciousness, but as the pure, changeless Quality that is all of Creation.

Identification with this Self-Love is to know Wholeness, Total Fulfillment. Identification with this Love is the real meaning of self-love, for one cannot truly love what one deeply knows to be illusion. Divine function is to return to this Knowledge.

If one desires to identify alone with the outer realms or boundaries of consciousness, ie, the body’s event horizon and its narrow points of view, it must be done by resistance to thoughts vanishing in the Absolute of Self Love. Identification with form must be done by resisting its dissolution. Waves and particles spin as if from out of nothing, and they become again nothing. Easily accept the inevitability of form’s dissolution by the Knowledge that all form appears from a kind of spin away from Source, and is disappeared by re-identification with Source. Identifying as if alone by one’s own self is only a matter of temporary “mistaken identity”.

The Self needs nothing – no thought, no sustenance, no “gettingness” for survival – it simply Is of Its own accord, as God’s Creation. When one is in a deep, formless, dreamless sleep one is Aware only of the peace of effortless existence, of being on “Autopilot”, of sharing God’s Will to just be nobody necessary. This “Self-Sufficiency” of Awareness is what seems to be interrupted by consciousness, the part of mind that entertains the idea of separation from Source, as it dreams up subjective selves on subjective journeys that differ from resting in Source. From a “place” of Identification with Self, one is not conscious of identification with form, one simply Is.



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