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Put thoughts of alien attack to rest

Put thoughts of alien attack to rest, and focus on being Love. Let go of thoughts of killing, for every thought projected returns to its point of origin. Man is ultimately afraid of his own self, via his own attack thoughts. All attack thoughts are indeed alien, and yet there are no verifiable alien bodies housing them. Alien thoughts are hosted by mankind.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean indicate the belief that a superior older race from another planet will someday annihilate us.

Walter Russell says that this is impossible, discrediting the seeming need to prepare for such a possibility and/or dig up Thoth’s space ship allegedly buried under the Sphinx of the pyramid in Giza, Egypt. Many scientific and New Age thinkers alike are in an ongoing search of such purported artifacts due to the mistaken belief in alien attack.

From the Home Study Course lesson 12, the proof that this search is unecessary and contributes to world fear mongering:

Science has much to say about ‘magnetic lines of force’ — both planetary and interplanetary — which do not even exist in nature as you will know when the mystery of curvature is unfolded later in this lesson. Because of these interplanetary lines of force it is presumed that a superior older race from some other planet might annihilate us because of its superior knowledge of the use of these supposedly existent lines of magnetic force for interplanetary travel. We regret that the impossibility of such a happening cannot be fully unfolded here, but we can give this small paragraph or two to give you the following assuring facts.

1. The only possible planet for human life to still unfold is Mars.

2. If there are still Martian people — and there probably are — they are so many millions of years older as a race, that they have become Cosmic Beings who so thoroughly know their unity with God and man that if they could come here it would be to uplift us rather than to hurt us.

He goes on to say that Mercury is still too young to even begin to develop an atmosphere, Venus is too young to host vegetable or animal life, and all of the outer planets are “even more beyond the possibility of animal or vegetable life of any kind”.

The body is vulnerable to all thoughts projected, which, like boomerangs, return to the plasma of their mechanical origins and make changes there. Therefore, mentally give (project) only thoughts of love vs thoughts of fear, and take delight in a physiological system that isn’t driven by fight or flight, but by love, as intended by the Creator.

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Dear Mankind

The ascension is to a qualitative mental state that includes knowledge that when applied, equates to eternally being enabled to create balanced simulations of reality. The ascension puts a stop to continual seeming rebirth “into” the forgetful flesh and begins the eternity of life lived in Heaven with the body being controlled by Mind vs. enslaved by the senses.

The ascension is not, as commonly believed by the masses, a physical experience noted by the senses that gives the physical bodies of some more survival power than others (“others” being those who have not made the literal discovery believed to unearth the truth). The ascension is not about physical powers gleaned from literal discoveries but about the uncovering of the innate knowledge that enables the creation of Source-empowered states of physical well-being.

360 degree perception is not about trumping the material world and thus proving a limited portion of mankind’s “might over right”. It is not about locating a spaceship buried beneath the sphinx of an Egyptian pyramid that can potentially “fight (literal) alien bad guys” and/or take us off the planet we are self-destructing on out of sheer ignorance when it comes to applying knowledge. It is about uncovering the buried knowledge of how to transcend the alien thought that one is separated from the truth of what the ascension actually is, and how that knowledge can be applied individually for the universal betterment of all.

The ascension is about recalling the knowledge of being one with Source. It is about recalling the state of Mind that doesn’t locate all value in the seemingly living and dying simulated quantifications of the one reality and the one identity of Man. The ascension is the realization of the quality of eternal life that transcends all temporal perceptions of illusion.

So many seem to be putting value almost solely in the simulation of creation vs. the knowledge of Oneness with the Creator of it. So many with money and influence are still seeking for remnants of the ancient past in order to recreate a future of powering over ignorance with the enjoyment of temporary accolades vs. the ongoing application of innate eternal knowledge.

Many in the limelight of today’s New Age thinkers are still seeking for truth in the world of unrealities. Many are still putting faith into the deceptions of the senses, and ignoring that which is known.

Walter Russell explained how the universe works many many years ago – no “new” discoveries are necessary beyond the sharing, freely, of how to apply ancient knowledge in the now for the public good. This knowledge is explained by redeemer figures such as Jesus Christ as often as necessary (the necessity of the explanations bring driven by the decision of mankind to war against the Law of Love vs. to work with it) as Father Brahma’s yugas cycle from seed of idea to fully unfolded simulation of idea back to the seed to again unfold.

The physical universe unfolds to it’s high point of evolution to refold back to it’s starting point forever and ever. Countless times has the cosmic play started and ended until the star of the show realizes that he/she lives not as a living/dying body but solely as one with the eternally ecstatic, balanced interchange between all beginnings and endings of the entire repeating simulation of all of the one idea of creation.

It is again high time for mankind to go within to innate knowledge and by doing so uncover the buried truth, and from that point of ascension, apply the knowledge that is revealed.

Might I suggest the redemption of studying Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part home study course. It is a focus point that leads away from the prideful accolades of discoveries of might for the few and towards the innate truth that is everyone’s right to know and apply. There are links to the information online. It is all free.

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On Becoming Cosmic Man

All of mankind comes to understand fully from non-dimensional knowledge that the past and the future are one in the same – everyone comes to know the One Stillness backing the feedback/feedforward loop of seeming motion that creates and de-creates matter for its re-creation. Time seemingly going forward is simultaneously voided by time seemingly going backwards – both halves eternally power the other. Both halves together as one represent one eternity.

There is One Being Who thinks a still equilibrium of knowledge into seemingly opposite but potentially equal conditions to present the illusion of the one idea – creation- forever becoming manifest.

There is no life nor death to creation, there is only the illusion of them – all of Life is within the still equilibrium and never leaves it by the illusions of space and time that are necessary to make idea appear to be manifest.

The One Being that is God/Self/I is eternally aware of the ecstatic, rhythmic interchange between the seeming life and the seeming death of creation. The ultimate goal for all is to know and work with the Law of Love that creation is founded upon and to thereby know of Oneness with Self-ecstasy throughout all the periodicities of creation’s wave. There is only one element that seems to be a multitude of various different things.

The Bhagavad Gita explains the repetitive cycling of the yugas. Walter Russell explains it too. Those in our ancient past that knew more than we do ‘now’ are us ‘in the future’. This knowledge has eternally unfolded at various mature positions in the wave, and then refolded back into the idea’s seed to again unfold.

“Evolution and creation are one in the same thing” said Dr David R Hawkins.

Cosmic man, by the knowledge and application of the Law of Love, transcends all perceptual belief in wave positionalities to forever live as One with universal equilibrium. No longer subject to belief in ‘life vs death’ he/she has transcended both to live eternally in the balanced stillness of the nonlinear state of creative ecstasy.

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Ascending to Know the Ecstasy of God

The quality of God’s Mind/Thinking is forever ecstatic because everything God creates is balanced and this balance is all God knows. God is never subject to breaking His-Her own law and thereby becoming mentally unbalanced. Man knows of the law for man is one with God, and yet man routinely breaks it, and by his or her reality and identity given to the effects of breaking the law, forgets the Oneness with the Creator of it.

The law is that the concentrated half of every visible part of God’s body is balanced by the equally decentrated or invisible half. Each half acts to equally give to the other half and the reaction to the action of giving to the other is that the other re-gives exactly what was given. The ecstasy of God’s Mind is in the knowledge of the balanced interchange of giving and re-giving between the two opposite conditions.

The constant state of knowing the ecstasy of creating balanced bodies is what man, as the law of balance is followed vs. broken “ascends” to know.

This ecstasy cannot be located within either half of the created body, but in the still center that knows the eternal balance of interchange between the two conditions that create the body.

“Every body is two” (Walter Russell)

Man is continually breaking the law of balanced interchange between the cube (invisible half of every body) and the sphere (visible half of every body) by focusing on either half on its own, and thus manifesting said unbalanced thinking through unbalancing actions. In particular, man believes his or her Self to be the body- specifically the visible half of the body or the system of spheres that makes up its appearance. If he or she doesn’t perceive the visible half of a body, the belief is that the Self of that visible body is dead, or is a ghost existing solely as the invisible half.

And yet the Self is neither the visible nor the invisible half of the body, nor is it the whole body. The Self is the Soul, one in the same as the Soul of God that centers His-Her body, as the still centering point of the cube-sphere of the body that knows of the eternal interchange between the two.

Mankind ascends from the darkness of belief given to the seeming separation of duality, to know of oneness with the whole of his or her body that is as eternal as the body of God’s is. Man ascends from breaking the law of balance and suffering to the extent of his or her imbalanced thinking, to know the ecstasy of being one with the Creator of the law, and therefore being forever one with all of creation.

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The Interchange I Am

This morning my husband complimented my work in the kitchen. He said, “You have gone from can-opener queen to gourmet sandwich maker!” I laughed at the description and yet without skipping a beat, these words from the the Divine Iliad came forth in response, “I am not life. Nor am I death. I am the interchange between the two.”

In the State in the Fire of October 2009, in a timeless flash of absolute Self-awareness, the universe belonging to a seemingly separate, formed body-self that seems to live and die by an infinity of tragic and comedic acts disappeared, and the formless Self unified in the Self of God was spontaneously known to be this interchange.

Immediately after the State, it was as if previously working brain connections had all been discontinued. By attempting to resume identification with the body-self divided from the State I seemed to lose all sense of waking balance; all balance resided within the Identity of the one undivided Self. It seemed, as I tried to continue being who I used to think I was, as if I was something like a brain injury survivor. I had to form new neuronal connections, one step, one thought, one idea at a time, that were in alignment with the knowledge of absolute unity, of absolute balance, that was revealed in the State. I had to discontinue all the old unbalancing programming and activities that had manufactured a brain that alternated between depression and mania with little to no middle ground, by recalling the nonlinear inner knowledge of balance and employing it on the linear surface. Almost nine years later, I believe I have succeeded in creating a balanced brain that functions not on the false programming that says by identification with the body that I may live and that I may die, but by the truth of the eternal Life of the interchange between life and death that is the Self of God I am.

Today, Aug 26, 2018, as I was riding my bike, the more I moved the body, the stiller I became within. I recognized this stillness. I parked the bike and sat the body down, under the wispy clouds and with the gentle tussle of wind on a children’s play apparatus, to rest in the interchange, one with the Self I am.

All descriptions of pairs of opposites remained in place, they did not wholly disappear as they did in the State in the Fire, and yet they all became both quantitatively and qualitatively one with the interchange. My seemingly separate body became one with the one body of creation that is eternally transforming in perfect balance between the pairs of opposite conditions that dictate the appearance and disappearance of mass. I called a friend. As I spoke to her, and described the State, I told her that my voice sounded like a recording playing back to me – a recording of words already spoken.

I am one with the interchange between life and death, between all pairs of opposites. I am one with the interchange between male and female, between hot and cold, between here and there, between cube of space and sphere of sun, between comedy and tragedy. I am one with the water becoming the clouds and with the clouds becoming water. I am one with the old becoming the young, and the young becoming the old: I am one with the entire cycle of the ending that never is, seemingly forming the beginning that never was. I, one with my Fathering Self, am one qualitative interchange between all seeming divisions of our unified Love.

After an hour or so of timelessness, the body remembered to seem to move in time as it grew tired of sitting in the playground. I balanced it back on the bike, and it rode mindlessly home. I laid it down for another three or so hours of timeless stillness that went by without interference by description. The dogs barked vigorously, the teenagers came and went in fits of raucous laughter, the hammer and saws of the construction next door played their jarring songs, and I was gloriously all of it, and none of it, as I rested purely in the interchange I am.

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Give not Reality and Identity to the simulation of creation

The direction of movement that seemingly brings to the senses the illusion of “life” and/or “death” is given utmost importance by the ego of consciousness, when all importance lies solely in the imperceptible balanced stillness of the interchange between the two.

To give the Identity and Reality to the duality of motion is to lose the full bearing of the Truth of Oneness with the Creator of the illusion of motion. Giving over Identity and Reality to a simulation is to become as if the created vs. the Creator, and this effort can never be made true. All suffering lies in the belief in separation from the Creator. Separation lies in the effort to become the created, that seemingly splits the Mind into two different realities.

Creation itself is never created, it is but the seeming quantification in parts of the One Idea that lives alone in the stillness of the Kingdom of Heaven in the Mind of the Creator.

Each and every one lives alone in the Kingdom of Heaven, one with the Source of the illusion of ongoing embodiment and disembodiment. One never actually gains the body or loses it. There is no life, nor is there death in the illusion of space and time. There is only one Reality that is forever lived by one Identity. Give not Reality and Identity to the seemingly created, for nothing ever actually is. All that there ever is, is the Life of the One.

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Overcoming anxiety by aligning with the Pulse of Life’s expression

Anxiety is the sensation of the imbalance of compressed energy that needs to be released. The sensation of compressed energy occurs by the concentration of stress hormones in the body.

Releasing the compressed energy is done not by covering over or avoiding the sensation, but by facing the fear backing the anxiety that, while ignored or put aside by non-action or covered over with medication, drugs or alcohol, will only continue to exacerbate the sensation in general. Facing the source of the anxiety, i.e. taking the action (or, alternately, ceasing the activity) that is feared to be undertaken or relinquished is necessary in order to balance the brain by dissipating the compressed energy.

Anxiety cannot be cured “from the outside in” – it must be cured at its core. The core of anxiety is the refusal to face the fear of balancing activity or restraint from unbalancing activity that triggers fight or flight and thus induces the sensation.

To overcome anxiety, the brain chemistry must be a balance of endorphins and stress hormones. Anxiety is a result of the release of stress hormones for “no good reason”. Even though there is no actual clear and present danger, the released stress hormones cause the nervous system to react as if there is.

Exercise is the age-old, tried and true way to release compressed energy in general. The brain is balanced by achieving a balance between rest and activity. The Pulse of Life’s expression that is God thinking to give the illusion of form to formless Idea is always perfectly balanced, and thus this Pulse is what should be simulated.

In the State in the Fire, I became one with the absolute balance of God’s Divine Trinity between Stillness and the two directions of seeming motion that interchange to provide the illusion of the appearance and disappearance of mass. When the perception of the universe in motion re-appeared, all of the fears I needed to face and resolve in order to balance my unbalanced brain came up to the forefront. I had replaced the natural balance we all enjoy as babies and young children between rest and activity with unbalancing substances plus lack of activity at appropriate times. I was afraid of quitting all the unnatural substances that were unbalancing my brain, and simultaneously afraid of re-starting the natural activities I had ceased doing.

In order to simulate the known balance in the State, and thereby overcome the extreme anxiety that resulted from my own imbalanced activities, I had to re-align the brain with what is natural. This re-alignment literally equated to quitting all the activities and substances that kept the brain awake at night when it should be sleeping, and re-starting the activities during the day that kept the brain asleep when it should be awake. This meant quitting smoking tobacco and dried marijuana, quitting eating processed sugar, meat and white flour, discontinuing the medications used to cover the symptoms from “the outside in”, starting to eat fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly.

In re-aligning with what is natural, I balanced my brain chemistry, and no longer have any symptoms of anxiety.

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