Reborn in a flash

It was September of 2009 and a friend and I were hiking through Boynton Canyon. The day before, we'd been to satsang with Dr David R Hawkins. During the intermission, Doc had spoken about the Hopi rain dance and how rain would fall exactly where it was needed on the crops. It was very dry … Continue reading Reborn in a flash

The Self, Realized

The activity within consciousness makes up a very small “part” of nonlinear Self, the part that is obviously seemingly limited by its own subjective experiential parameters. Consciousness is not capable of being aware of anything beyond the subjective experience of the information contained by the event horizon. Consciousness can't know its own oneness with God/Self; … Continue reading The Self, Realized

Existence without water

According to Dr David R Hawkins' consciousness research, only 1% of mind focuses on consciousness, or the domain of ego (belief in separation from Source). The other 99% just is. This 1%, which is all thought, all mental activity and thus all physical representations of those activities, seems to completely occlude access to the knowingness … Continue reading Existence without water

One Loving Thought

“Only about 1% of consciousness is active; the other 99% is silent.” (Dr David R Hawkins) This statement provides immense context for describing the magnitude of the Awareness of God's Self-Sustaining Love that is Creation vs the limitations of ego-self experience within consciousness. Awareness of Love is 99% of Identity, and only 1% is consciousness … Continue reading One Loving Thought

What already is requires no future

For the writer as all concepts, perception, form, thought (consciousness of “having a mind” itself) dissolved in the Unmanifest of Absolute Love, there was no grief at the loss of such things. There was no consciousness of such things. There was no loss of such things; such things had never existed. Loss never existed. Such … Continue reading What already is requires no future

Mind in Love

How mind in Love with Itself is mind at peace, with quotes from Dr David R Hawkins' book Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man: “Q: Your descriptions of advanced spiritual states are in third person. Why is that? A: The phenomena described are not personal and are therefore termed 'conditions' or 'states' that are self-existent. There … Continue reading Mind in Love

Exploring eternity unencumbered

What is an “ego trap”? Since consciousness is within the domain of ego, are we not, then, all “trapped by ego”? The inclination is to say yes – duh! :). Yet, the Truthful Answer is actually no - not Really - ego can only seem to get one to agree on levels and layers of … Continue reading Exploring eternity unencumbered

Conscious content creators

We are conscious content creators scripting the material, Powered by a non-attached Source that is wholly Loving, holds nothing back, and allows everything. What is held in mind apart from Source is witnessed by consciousness as the manifest world. Said Dr David R Hawkins, on how we are creators of content, generators of our own … Continue reading Conscious content creators

Transcending the ego’s editor – why one would want to, and how to do it

There is the misconception that it is possible to find happiness through the small self and its dealings without recognition of Source. To discover the eternally existing peace of Source, transcending the editor of the ego is in order. Without doing so, one is seemingly trapped in a world of appearances, in a world that … Continue reading Transcending the ego’s editor – why one would want to, and how to do it

Releasing self-judgment

"Judgement is Mine" sayeth the Lord. But did I know that God's only judgment is Pure Love? I didn't, for the longest time; I misinterpreted it, as so many do, and thought this saying from the Christian bible meant I could be judged by God in both a positive and a negative light. This is … Continue reading Releasing self-judgment

Salvation or Enlightenment?

This is a question for spiritual students (it doesn't matter the kind of spirituality). What are your goals, ultimately - salvation, or enlightenment? There is a thought provoking caveat in the beginning of Dr David R Hawkins' book The Eye of the I that reads: "The traditional religionist or the spiritually timid is forewarned that … Continue reading Salvation or Enlightenment?