The physical universe is Love’s Origami

"Love is all there is in God nature and the expression -- or manifestation -- of love is all there is in the nature of the physical universe." (Walter Russell) Unified Love is all there is to Know, and all there is to Think to become by division of Love's unity into its unfolding/refolding story-timed … Continue reading The physical universe is Love’s Origami

What is the Telepathy Net or Tnet

I have been using the term "telepathy net" or "t-net" for about a decade to describe the invisible black whole that worms through and connects all parts of the universe. The tnet is my preferred method of communication. Last year I was delighted to read this excerpt from the Russell Cosmogeny: "Q. Will you tell … Continue reading What is the Telepathy Net or Tnet

2016: the summer of the flower of life

Almost two summers ago, the cube-o-sphere based image of the flower of life kept coming to me, along with the nonlinear mechanics of its unfolding and refolding, and I kept trying to draw it. The state of Mind that the information came with was glorious, but the art I came up with fell completely short. … Continue reading 2016: the summer of the flower of life

Creating in the Theater of Love

"See me, know me, be me. Be thou the fulcrum of thine own power" God's words in the Divine Iliad. "Every action of outgiving by man or nature is regiven toward the point of giving in the measure, quality and pattern of the outgiving." Walter Russell Every thought given by man or nature is regiven … Continue reading Creating in the Theater of Love

The unreality of death

Life never ends, it just changes form, and it's based on the illusion of motion coming and going from a fulcrum of Stillness. Reality is Still and never actually goes anywhere; nothing ever leaves the Stillness that powers the mental levers that manufacture the illusion of motion. Bodies are polarized and depolarized as life energetically … Continue reading The unreality of death

Spirit is Still – Oneness with God is direct Knowledge of Stillness

January 2017 has been an electric month, centered in what Walter Russell called "the zero point of Stillness", or more commonly known as "Oneness with God". "There are no vibrations whatsoever to the spirit. The Light of the spirit is absolutely motionless,while the vibrations of matter increase with density and decrease as they approach the … Continue reading Spirit is Still – Oneness with God is direct Knowledge of Stillness

Spirit has no levels, only consciousness appears to

There are no levels of Spirit or Source; without identification with production of matter/outsourcing energy, Source is Known only to be the Oneness of the "ultimate and perfect condition". There are only "perceived" differentials within consciousness that seem to "spin away" from the perfect, still equilibrium of Self-Awareness. “Perception did not exist until the separation … Continue reading Spirit has no levels, only consciousness appears to

Hallucinate better

How to let go of the "tiny, mad idea" that the Son forgot to laugh about? Well, collectively, one has "gotta laugh". But not only that, collectively, we can decide to hallucinate better. Through corrected perception, one may realize instead the happy dream, the dream that counters the idea of death and lack with that … Continue reading Hallucinate better

The enlightenment script

Within one consciousness, operationally, the one Son of God behaves as if many subjective selves. According to Dr David R Hawkins via consciousness research, and proven through physics by Nassim Haramein, only about one percent or so of the universe is conscious/manifest. The rest is only Awareness that is Silent and Self-Supporting. One hundred percent … Continue reading The enlightenment script

Angels share the Same Source

“Ask the angels for help” “Your guardian angel will protect you” “The angels are all around us” “An angel glanced at me, and healed me” “I believe in angels” etc Angels are not separate from Source; they are the Same as Self. Angels are “built in” to the belief in separation. And yet angels are … Continue reading Angels share the Same Source

As duality fades away

“Miracles are thoughts. Thoughts can represent the lower or bodily level of experience, or the higher or spiritual level of experience. One makes the physical, and the other creates the spiritual.” (ACIM The Meaning of Miracles, Principle of Miracles #12) “Heaven is a state of mind, not a place.” (Anita Moorjani) “We are something very … Continue reading As duality fades away

The Godhead vs consciousness

Consciousness is the mind of God as it experiences itself as if away from Source, with form; Awareness knows itself as only itself. Any kind of “experience” is possible within consciousness, yet there is only One Love of Awareness. One can dream-to-have a light body, or a flesh body; one can identify with and experience … Continue reading The Godhead vs consciousness