The peace of Mind at rest in Itself

Mind’s only Source of lasting peace is Knowing Itself devoid of projection and without pseudo-self-identification with the manifest world of consciousness; “Itself” semantically, historically, being God, and “Itself” literally, absolutely, being Power Source. Another way to put it is, “Mind at rest in Itself is Knowledge of the Absolute State”.

Mind believed to know about an incalculable plethora of materialized thought seemingly outside of or thought-to-be-separate from the Absolute state appears to be in a state of struggle, because it cannot rest while entertaining thoughts outside of Itself. Mind can, with its Innate Power, project a dream of a subjective self and seem to stay in a dream about it for awhile. Mind can, through itself as conscious awareness, experience ideas of a separate self temporarily, yet it knows Itself at Rest in Power Source eternally. Mind at rest in Itself is the ongoing Knowledge of Pure Love between Creator and Created or God and Son. Awareness of this Ineffable Love is A Priori to consciousness; consciousness and the manifest world is Sourced by It. Without consciousness, life still goes on, powered eternally by its own Source. Yet without a Source of Power, there could be no life, there could be no option for consciousness.

Letting go of experience within consciousness to rest in the Self-Awareness of one Power Source, One Love, One Mind, could be called “the process of seeking enlightenment” or the “path to enlightenment”. Realization of the Absolute State devoid of consciousness is enlightenment. To realize the Absolute State of Mind, to “become enlightened”, everything in the domain of consciousness is surrendered to Higher Power and mind is allowed to rest in Itself. Everything is released from mind, without exception, to know the peace of Mind at Rest in Itself.

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