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Transcending the fantasy of “never returning”

Q: I think part of my current feelings of being stuck relates to being frustrated that I know how “it is supposed to be” with myself and the world, but realizing neither I nor the world is there yet gets me down.  And the thought of having to repeat continuously, well, YIKES.  The thing that keeps me “going” is my attempts at surrender and acceptance of what just is.  WR (I believe) teaches reincarnation isn’t forever once a person is enlightened.  It seems to me after this lifetime that you are “finished” with this reality of non-reality.  Do you ever have longings about not ever returning?

A: There is nothing wrong, or sinful about manifesting a body of unreality; if that were the case, God would not create any kind of elements to work with. What is incorrect thinking is to correlate the reality and identity of the shared Self of God with the unrealities of perception that are leveraged from the reality of the fulcrum of the Self.

The play is eternal; the elements that make up the body never die – they are what forever repeat and can be worked with as desired. Idea, and desire to embody idea, is eternal. One is forever using the elements created by God to simulate a framework for developing desired abilities. What isn’t eternal is the belief that one is slave to the elements vs. master of them. What isn’t eternal are the emotions that are seemingly attached to polarization and depolarization for re-polarization of the elements and the transforming compilations of them that simulate the ideas backing their use. Emotions are truly only a problem if they are given power over the still, unchanging and eternal fulcrum of Self-control. One with the fulcrum, only ecstasy is known of the interchanging lights of polarization and depolarization.

One ceases being an unknowing actor in the play by becoming a knowing one.  Transformation from an unknowing actor to a knowing one happens by those “ah-ha” moments and/or in a timeless flash; realization is not subject to polarization or depolarization of the current body. The concept of returning is purely theoretical as one never leaves, nor returns, to the fulcrum.

One says, “Yikes!” to the thought of repeating the same unknowing errors, “Hallelujah!” to the knowledge that undoes those errors by their desired transformation. The gaining of knowledge is innate to evolution as mankind desires to know and work with Source. The initial impetus towards gaining this knowledge may seem to take a good deal of effort, but then inertia, the multiplied desire of will of the Self, takes over.

Until man becomes the fulcrum of his Self, through Cosmic knowing he is but an extension of the fulcrum which moves the universe but when his Self becomes the fulcrum of his Self through knowing the Light of universal Self, he then moves the universe.” (Walter Russell, part 12)

Mankind in general is just passing the point of this great effort, and the momentum of inertia is about to kick in. By the realization of Self-power and the application of it, one does indeed become, as you say, “finished with the reality of non-reality”. And yet the body will continue, transformed by desire for new and improved abilities and ecstatically under the control of the will of desire in Mind.

As one comes to live in the “Godhead” and to apply the knowledge in Mind, one with the fulcrum of power that the Self is, one manifests desired abilities by directing the thought levers of movement at will. Knowing how to simulate ideas with bodies without giving identity and reality to them (and therefore without seeming to be an emotional subject of the “life” and “death” of those bodies) is the climax of the play and the end of the unknowing actor. The realization plus application of the power of working with universal law vs. against it ends the seeming entrapment by the “forgetful flesh” and destroys the belief systems that went along with the ignorance of how power works. It is well to accept that mankind is not yet at the period of inertia and to have patience.

As the fulcrum of the universal body is Self-realized and this realization is applied, memory of realization and application of realized knowledge remains intact; there is no longer any of the amnesia of “unknowing”. One knows exactly how the body came to be as it seems, and how to transform the seeming as desired. Repetition of a body continues because desire is ever present within the fulcrum to embody idea — the desire to create is eternal. And yet, embodiment becomes under the Self-control of the knowledge of Oneness with God the Creator of universal law vs. remaining under the spell of seeming separation. It is the sense of separation from the fulcrum of power and control that inspires the “yikes”. It is knowledge of union that inspires the “hallelujahs”. Therefore, forever seek to bring knowledge to the forefront of Mind and to apply it. Please read Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part home study course to that end. After you have read it once, go through the entire thing again. I printed off all the parts and organized them into binders. I read nightly before I go to bed.

No one wants to return to the way things seemed to be prior to the realization that the body manifests and de-manifests to re-manifest under universal law out of desire for it to do so, and that it’s expression is under knowing Self-control. No one wants to return to being slave to matter once matter has been mastered. The fear of being slave to repetition of the way things seem to be while under the spell of separation is only present while the mechanics of reincarnation are theoretical. Once those mechanics are innately realized, and one begins to work knowingly with them instead of unwittingly against them, the glorious truth of knowledgeable reincarnation eradicates the fear. Little by little, or in the blink of an eye, as you go through the course, this knowledge will come to you as your own.

99.9% of us are seemingly born into the flesh unknowing, but we all reach the end of the unknowing acting wherein each and every one of us knows we are the one and only Supreme Person acting as desired, and that our seeming to be individual personal bodies are extensions from the one point that expresses the entirety of desire for the body (which is one in the same as God’s body). Everything one learns is carried forth; it is refolded into one’s seed pattern. Nothing is ever lost. The “speed” at which one reaches the end of the play to be in control of re-patterning the seed is the measure of desire to seek, know, and be God.

The longing to never have to return disappears as one leaves the concept of existence without creation behind, and follows through with the completion of desired conceptions.

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Q & A with Darcie French on genderless individuality & the interchanging illusion of sex-conditioning

Q: I see how bodies after reincarnations take on individuality via environment, culture, etc. But once the body is refolded and decayed, the Spirit is again one with God.  Yet, once we are reincarnated, we somehow bring back parts of what we learned previously.  How can this be because our Spirit is God and there is no separation except for the body?  Just thinking about this, I wondered if truly there is no reincarnation.  Just God continuing God on earth in a different body/environment, culture, etc. simply for expression.  There is no individuality once the body is done with.  It’s just God putting on different masks if you will.  But there’s nothing really to “us.”  What are your thoughts?

A: There is no actual “incarnation” of Life into form. Both incarnation and reincarnation are only “possible” if identity is given over to the world of illusion.

This is a thought-wave universe of illusion to demonstrate the imperceptible, only knowable, interchange of Love between God and His imagined Son of Light. Creation of form is an illusion of interchange of Love between a “this” and a “that” that has no reality to it; the Love interchange is all that is real. There is never incarnation of Love into a body by its seeming birth, nor separation from Love by its seeming death. The body does not separate one from truth except seemingly, by truth given to illusion. The body is forever an illusion of seemingly unfolding/refolding states of motion that are controlled by the still Light. To the degree of one’s knowledge of oneness with the still Light, one is in co-control of the states of motion, for one is one with the still Light, not with the dual simulated lights that represent states of motion.

Life never leaves the one still, imperceptible Light by the illusion of its division into the interchanging partners of the cube of space and the sphere of sun: the light body of the sun (the “currently” mostly male conditioned light or the sphere of incandescent light) and the dark body of space (the “currently” mostly female conditioned light or the cube of space) do not contain the Life of the Idea in the Light that backs their seeming creation. The one identity of them as one unit of Idea in the Light of God’s imagination alone lives. In the Light, the innate identity backing the illusion of male and female is as genderless as God is – to use ACIM terminology, “we” are all equally God’s “One Son”. God’s Son is only seemingly sex-conditioned by the seeming division of the one Light of reality into the two lights of illusion to demonstrate the Love interchange between God and His Son.

All activities are recorded by the inert gasses that are the unfolding/refolding seed patterns of each Son seemingly expressed in form. As bodies refold, all activities of interchange are carried forth into the next unfolding by their record in their seed pattern.

The preponderantly male sun and preponderantly female cube of space interchange preponderance over great lengths of time. Eventually, they completely trade preponderances. On the other side of the wave axis, what was once seeming to be mostly male conditioned light seems to be mostly female conditioned, and the play unfolds over again as the two continue to interchange.

Seed patterns of God’s Idea of His Son continually transform. Following the Law of Love transforms the seed pattern in a positive way by increasing knowledge of oneness and co-control, and breaking it transforms the seed pattern in a negative way by increasing seeming barriers to knowledge of oneness and co-control. Breaking the Law of Love increases the belief in separation, and following it increases knowledge of eternal oneness. The karma of interchange between pairs of opposites is recorded in the seed pattern.

“Darcie French” in the Mind of God as the Idea of His Son is neither male nor female. Identity remains once the body has refolded (it never goes anywhere with its unfolding); the preponderance of either male or female does not “form” the Son’s identity – it simply represents an equal half of the simulation of Love interchanging between a this and a that.

In the State in the fire wherein I knew my uncreated Self as being one with God’s Idea of His genderless Son, my identity was completely, wholly intact, yet there was no observation nor memory of an unfolding body as there was no projection of identity into the sex-conditioned world of illusion. All “formed identity” is the illusion of motion giving seeming mass and dimension to what has none.

Give not identity to a sex-conditioned body-image, as one’s identity is forever genderless and the only absolute, unconditioned-by-the-seeming-to-be reality known is the interchange of Love between God and His Son. One is forever only Idea in the Mind of God as the story of equal balanced interchange between pairs of opposites plays out. Follow the Law of Love by ever extending what you are in the Mind of God to all of creation “be kind to all of life” as Dr Hawkins always said, forgive the belief in projecting identity and reality to illusion that is seemingly held in Mind by the masses, and worry not about the unfolding/refolding images of creation.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

Love is all there is to Know and comprehend

Man is eternally creative, and has never been separated from the Source of creativity. What is expressed from Love returns to Love for its re-expression. Oneness is shared freely in the Mind of God; there is no concept of death naturally attached to the embodiment. The idea of death is the ego’s false idea.

God and His Sons (“Desire in Me is soul in Me” (Divine Iliad)), in the surety of being, know that what you extend you are.” (ACIM Text)

Find peace in the surety of the Idea of Man in the Mind of God; the Idea is permanent. Perhaps One believes that the embodiment of Idea is proof of life, and that without it, there is no life. Yet this belief comes to a gentle end in Truth. Love is forever by its natural extension. Be Love now, and Be Love forever. Comprehend the world as Love expressing only, and Know that One is Love. “What you extend you are“.

To think like God is to share His certainty of what you are, and to create like Him is to share the perfect Love He shares with you.” (ACIM Text)

Only to perception in its prime, as described by the ego, lead by the senses, does perfect Love seem to die. In reality, the physicality alternates via interchange between concentration and decentration of One Volume as the Son evolves to full, operational Knowledge of Oneness, and remains wholly awake with the ecstasy of the unfolding and refolding of the Self.

One with Source, One does not come or go from eternity by the seeming to be divided embodiment; One lives for eternity with the Love Giving for Re-Giving of the Father-Mother’s decentrative/concentrative Pulse, inseparable from the Love of Self.

Spirit in its Knowledge is unaware of the ego” (ACIM)

The ego describes life and death based on perception of loss, without Knowledge that loss is impossible. The ego cannot Know that “John Smith and Jane Doe” are not lost from the Mind of God by the illusion of embodiment, nor is anything lost to the ego when the illusion of their embodiment returns to Source. Love is all there is to Source. Love is all there is for John Smith and Jane Doe to comprehend as life unfolds, and to Know, as it refolds.

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Giving the body over to the Oneness of the Creator’s Creation

The Light is ever Known to be unified in One, even while the Self is perceived to be expressed in many lights. What exits the stage is belief in the seeming division of One into many separate parts. Each part is Known to be connected to every other by the centering and controlling invisible Magnetic Light that is the Black Wholeness of God.

If the body becomes a means you give to the Holy Spirit to use on behalf of union of the Sonship, you will not see anything physical except as what it is.” (ACIM Text)

God has one idea. That one idea is Creation as a whole.” (Walter Russell)

When the body is given over to Oneness, to Creation as a whole, the range of perception opens up to include all of its parts. One sees no separation in God’s one idea of creation, or one creating thing.

With understanding of Oneness, the metaphysics of creating things easily becomes working Knowledge. Here, God thinks to create a creative cat, and here, a creative tree, and here, a creative man — all by the same simple process of dividing Magnetic Stillness into electrical pairs of opposites and bringing them back together as the idea in Mind seeming to be embodied. The physical gives seeming location to what has none, matter is the still idea of creation in motion that reflects the idea back to the imaginer in Source. When given to the Holy Spirit’s Purpose, One sees the body of God for what it is only, a reflection of countless creative parts of the Creator’s one idea of a creating thing.

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To Know and perceive only the Qualities-in-One of Mind is to be blessed

Jesus from the ACIM Text, on (the pointlessness of) sharing illusion in communion:

I do not want to share my body in communion because this is to share nothing. Would I try to share an illusion with the most holy children of a most holy Father? Yet I do want to share my mind with you because we are of one Mind, and that Mind is ours. See only this Mind everywhere and in everything. It is everything because it encompasses all things within itself. Blessed are you who perceive only this, because you perceive only what is true.”

There is only the narcissist/empath dichotomy in sharing the body in communion — there is only the pain of sacrificing associated truth for dissociative falsehood. There is only pain in losing Knowledge of Oneness with the Father of Love. Lost Knowledge makes the limits of dimension seem real; even just a split second of seeming to lose Knowledge is torture.

I understand what Jesus is saying above, as I have not wanted the torture of dissociation since the state in the fire in Oct of 2009 destroyed the illusion of separateness from Source. I rest unborn, in Undivided Oneness, whether or not there is an illusion of embodiment. I am most happy alone, void of ego expectations, in the Silence of Undivided Self. It is Known that the entire universe of form has never been made real, nor could it ever be made real, and there is only pain in upholding the belief in trying.

We are one Self in homeostasis with Source, that is never actually divided into the pairs of opposites that come together and provide the illusion of the appearance of the indivisible one. Our Mind is one, and since the state in the fire that Qualified the flower of life and disappeared the belief in trying to give reality to the physicality of it, the One Mind and its Qualities-in-One of Truth, Love, Balance and the Law is all I can possibly Know, as I perceive.

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Release the tension from Mind to Know

Life “associated with a body” is like life associated with a stretched elastic band. The struggle is to keep the tension of illusion from releasing back to its normal, relaxed state of reality. The normal state of Mind is wholly relaxed in the Stillness of Magnetic Union with Source. Electrical activity is like stretching an elastic band, and paying tribute to the tension it takes to keep an idea seeming-to-be embodied in space and time.

All Mind is whole, and the belief that part of it is physical, or not Mind, is a fragmented or sick interpretation.” (ACIM Text)

Attaching to the physical and calling it real is an abnormal state of Mind. Non-physical awareness of wholeness is the normal state of Mind.

Perception of the body can be unified only by one purpose. This releases the Mind from the temptation to see the body in many lights, and gives it over entirely to the One Light in which it can be really understood.” (ACIM Text)

In the state in the fire, the many lights disappeared into the normal state of Mind of non-physical awareness of union in Source. Consciousness of the tension required to “see the body in many lights” dissolved into the Pure Awareness of tension-less union with Source. The understanding was that the body in many lights had never been made real; all there ever was and could ever be, was the normal, whole state of Union in Love.

Loss of any kind is impossible. But when you look upon a brother as a physical entity, his power and glory are “lost” to you and so are yours. You have attacked him, but you must have attacked yourself first. Do not allow him to belittle himself in your Mind, but give him freedom from his belief in littleness, and thus escape from yours.” (ACIM Text)

Sit the f*ck (the illusion of the physicality) down, shut the hell (the belief in the illusion of the physicality) up, be still and Know (that “I am” is unified in non-physical Source).

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Recall not the nervous system of duality, but the Interchange in Love that is Oneness with the Father

The nervous system is like the vertical spine of the cross that bears the horizontal outcroppings of space and time.

To forget the highs and lows of the nervous system is to remember Oneness in Love. To give them power is to seem as if to exist outside of the stability of the Kingdom of Heaven and at the mercy of duality. The nervous system interprets the effects of ecstatic thought, as well as “the detour into fear” (ACIM).

In the perceptual dream of the self split in two, there is consciousness of the dream vs unconsciousness of the dream. For every high of the nervous system that Mind attaches to in the dream of a split-from-Source-self, there is a corresponding low that Mind tries to avoid. For every thought of Love made unconscious, there is conscious pain. When the focus is on the dream, Awareness of Interchange in Love seems obscured by the seeming roller coaster of outer change.

Jesus spoke to the unreality of the nervous system by His untainted-by-belief Knowledge of Oneness. Recall not the nervous system that speaks to the belief in separation by responding to the illusion of outer change, but the Interchange in Love that is not the dream.