2016: the summer of the flower of life

Almost two summers ago, the cube-o-sphere based image of the flower of life kept coming to me, along with the nonlinear mechanics of its unfolding and refolding, and I kept trying to draw it. The state of Mind that the information came with was glorious, but the art I came up with fell completely short. I said to my husband Dave, “I wish I had learned physics in high school, so I could understand what it is I am trying to draw”.

I had no idea that had I learned physics in high school, I would likely would have been lead on a journey away from Source towards further separation and disconnection, not towards Source, and the truth of connection.

The fall of 2016, after the flower of life image and its metaphysics arose in Mind, I discovered Nassim Haramein and unified physics. “There are no accidents” my teacher Dr David R Hawkins used to say. I joined the Resonance Academy, did their course modules on unified physics, and during one of their community break away sessions, another delegate told the group about the works of Walter and Lao Russell. I then did the Russell’s home study course, and learned the metaphysics of the flower of life. The physics of the Russell cosmogeny matched up perfectly with the nonlinear metaphysical Knowledge that arose many months prior.

And the state in the fire was a timeless glimpse into the Quality of the uninterrupted-by-belief Union with the Father — it was an eternal taste of the Reality and Identity of the non-perceptual Kingdom of Heaven. I describe this Quality repeatedly, in the book Without the idea of death. Via the body’s senses, the flower of life seems to be quantified by its unfolding and refolding: it seems to be born and it seems to die. What cannot be known by the senses is that this unfolding and refolding is Known by Mind to be continuous. What can be Known by surrender of attachment to belief in the small representation of Reality the senses convey about the flower of life is the eternal Quality of Union with the flower’s Knowledge and Power base, in Source. This Quality is Unified Love, and this Unity lives forever. Knowing the Quality of Unified Love is the normal, absolute state of Mind. What is sensed to be born, and to die, is not part of this Eternal State.

Some notes I jotted down during “the summer of the flower of life” resurfaced today (I have added to them slightly):

“Power Source = Awareness of Self as Love without form”

“Point of location in time and space = consciousness”

“Points of location and time along a continuum of power as it extends and returns to refresh its own power represent the limitation on Awareness otherwise known as consciousness.”

“Consciousness is the part of God’s Mind that experiences itself. The Witness to the Awareness of God’s Mind but watches. I am One with the Witness, not the experiencer.”

“No projection is ever a straight line. Power is always its Source. At no point does power run out; it is recycled.”

I am working on including art in the printed copy of Without the idea of death: There is only Life.


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