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The Ecstasy of deferring to Supreme Control

One could not move one’s little finger, without God’s Supreme Control.

God is the Source of expression of Idea within, and God controls the time period of the expression from without. God is the still center of the moving-by-interchange sphere, and the still boundaries of the moving-by-interchange cube. Idea lives in God’s Love, and dies in God’s Love, by One Interchange in Love. The Quality Known of this Interchange is the Ecstatic Balance achieved by the perfect equality between living and dying, giving and re-giving. Outward expression of Idea is radially expressed from the center of every galactic sun and atomic cell alike, and reversed at the boundary lines of the sun’s or cell’s cube of space to disappear that same sun or cell and again reappear it. That sphere that disappeared into the cube is re-condensed from the cube.

The movement encircling the center of God within the boundary planes of God is not God. God is the Ecstatic Balance or “Stillness” controlling everything He centrally sets in motion by outward giving that is regiven by reversal at the boundary planes for continuance of central outward giving. God is not the illusion of motion that creates the appearance and disappearance of mass. God’s Mind is never made physical. The Body of God neither lives nor dies. Man’s body is God’s Body. The Supreme Being of Man, too, never lives nor dies by Idea in motion, and is forever one with the Stillness of Idea.

The universe of form, which is the Body of God, is one cube-sphere with incrementally smaller cube-spheres making up universal systems within the one. All cubes are forever inversing to become all spheres, and all spheres are forever outversing to become all cubes. Periodically, the sphere and the cube each become the total opposite of the other, in order to start the cycle of interchange between the two over again. This cycling never ends; once something is set in motion in the Mind of God, it never stops, it forever sequentially lives to die and dies to be reproduced. Only to the senses does mass created by the illusion of motion seem to end, but if one could sense the vacant cube as being half of the condensed sphere, one would sense no motion at all. One can only Know this fact as interchanging ecstasy, and not be disturbed by the illusion of beginnings nor endings.

The inbreathing/outbreathing of every corpuscle of light is the heartbeat of God. The outer change of this expression goes from birth of the embodiment, to death of the embodiment. Everything in the cycle between appearance and disappearance is under God’s absolute control. God is the only One breathing; one cannot inhale, nor exhale, without the Pulse of God backing the wave of His creation.

The alternating sequence between appearance and disappearance of God’s Pulse is forever. Creation is forever transformed as death undoes prior expressions of updating Idea. Creation is forever updating, as one unfolds to the Knowledge of the Law of Love. Love transforms it’s expressions by their ascension to Knowledge.

God Knows the interchange between appearance and disappearance of embodied Idea as unchanging ecstasy. One with God in the fire, vs remembering and trying to uphold the body’s safety and the idea that death of the body could be death of the Self, I surrendered to the state of Pure Nirvana in God.

The embodiment of the Idea’s expression is not meant to be remembered in a state of agony by attaching to it the idea that the death of embodiment means the death of Idea. Jesus taught us that lesson, by his Oneness with God’s Ecstasy on the cross.

Dr David R Hawkins re-framed Jesus’ last words on the cross in Truth: “Even for this, Father, you have NOT forsaken me!” The masses heard not the “not”, and believed in the appearance of outer agony vs inner ecstasy. Jesus taught that the body can be forgotten under all circumstances: Jesus taught that one may let the idea of death go no matter what, and forever defer to the Balanced Qualities-in-One of interchanging ecstasy.

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Transcend emotional selfishness

Whenever I think with emotion, I am not thinking with God, and my feet become burdened and sore of Earth. Emotions that are not based in Love invite toxins to the body; the Law of Love is broken by them, and the thinker of unloving thoughts becomes broken to the degree of his unbalanced thinking.

Thinking with the emotions invited cancer symptoms last fall, that were wholly gone by this spring. Thinking with God starts the healing process instantly and makes sore burdened feet like wings. I invited cancer symptoms by emotional participation in the trials of mankind, and told them to leave, by withdrawal of the emotions back to the ecstasy of Love that is the Normal State of Mind. By becoming angry, I commanded my own immune system to attack itself. By releasing the anger to rest in the Normal State, I commanded the matter that makes up my body to behave according to the Law of Love.

Listening to the Voice for God, while leaving a house fire, brought me to know the Law of Love in its absolute state. While the house was on fire, burning up our possessions and our source of income at the time, I was One with the God Mind, in a state of ecstasy.

I have fallen to the emotions since, and not liking the effects at all, have learned to avoid them. I have learned not to project emotion myself, nor to give reality to the emotions projected by another. I have learned that the “state in the fire” is the Normal State of Mind and to recall it under every condition. The house burning down, so and so dying, such and such a world problem, etc etc, are nothing to become emotional about, unless I want to contribute to unbalanced thinking and notice in my body the toxic effects.

Emotions are abnormal, unnecessary, and produce unwanted effects. To empathize with another emotionally brings on great distress in the body of the empathizer. I used to be an “empath”, believing that was being “helpful and nice”, until I recognized I was just being a garbage can for the toxins of those unwilling to take responsibility for their own thoughts.

Here is a quote from the Divine Iliad volume 2 discussion about the toxicity of emotion and the fact that the Normal State of Mind does not include any of the emotions, and is the state of unchanging ecstasy:

“Sudden and violent anger, or long continued hatred, can start the seed of cancer or other disintegrating tissues. Fears, worries and long continued emotions which are devoid of love or inner joyousness, will develop many such effects as stomach ulcers, neuritis, arthritis and other such toxic conditions.

Even sorrow, or sympathy for the afflicted, or grief for the passing of loved ones, unbalances the body cells and makes one vulnerable to infections or destructive toxins, for each emotions have no relation to love, or the inner joyousness of love -inspired man, nor are they within the God-Mind which alone knows unchanging ecstasy.

Grief is selfish. It is indulged in for self-gratification, not for love. Cosmic man knows the beauty and unreality of death. Sympathy for the afflicted makes a reality of the affliction by its recognition as an infliction, while sorrow for the loss of anything, or for the “unfortunate” condition of anybody, is forgetful of the beauty and abundance of all-giving God and Nature.

The Mind of God knows but one unchanging emotion–ECSTASY–the ecstasy of Love–the ecstasy of the inspired who know God’s thinking, that ecstasy which has its beginnings in an inner joyousness of one who is far on the road to the discovery of his immortal Self.

God does not know grief, sorrow, anger, mercy, pity, wrath, sympathy, petulance, impatience, or intolerance. The very suggestion in these words pictures an impossible God–a God of imperfection. It pictures weak humans in early stages of unfolding. For God to have such qualities would mean the Creation of a universe of chaos–instead of a balanced orderly one of Law– just as qualities of varied unbalanced emotions in man result in the chaos of wars and countless ills in man’s creating universe.

God’s unchanging state of ecstasy is the one indivisible, unchanging, spiritual state of Mind. God’s Light of Love cannot change into opposite expressions, nor can it be divided into the physical pairs of opposite emotions which belong alone to the sensed electric universe of unfolding creations.” (Walter Russell)

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The transforming cube-sphere

The universe of form is one of ongoing transformation.  It is a spherical sun-seed and its polar opposite dark cube of space that interchange with one another as one functioning unit of creation. The sphere, concentrated from the cube, expands by decentration back to the cube into multiple moving systems of itself, and then over great lengths of time, retracts those systems back to itself for re-expansion. As a pulse beat divided into cycles of extension and retraction, the cube and the sphere transform by interchange of volume and every other shape there is comes and goes from it.

The Play on Word by breaking it down into multiple books that translate Word into its expressions is ongoing transformation of the One Word.

The Play of Self by breaking it down into multiple selves that translate Self into its expressions is ongoing transformation of the One Self.

Man transcends his animal nature that is written into his beginnings as part of the cosmic transformation. He stops killing “to survive” and thereby begins to know the Law of Love that brings only the experience of positive transformation. He begins to know of perfect inner interchange within Word/Self while perceiving the perfect outer change of books/selves. He begins to practice the Law of Love himself, and the idea of death disappears. Inside and outside begin to match up; man begins to understand that life never dies, it just transforms.

My book Without the idea of death: There is only Life is free to read on Kindle April 25-27

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The Body is Grand Art, but it is not the Artist

The body never stops the illusion of ecstatic movement. The body is still idea in seeming motion; it cannot be made to stay put. The body is constantly changing. What stays put is the Stillness that centers every cell of the body from within, and controls it from without.

Rest in that Stillness while the body moves and Know it not as the Self, but as a tool of Self-Expression. Know that Love is perfectly balanced in the Stillness of its expression. Comprehend movement as but the illusion of “I” being “I am”, that never affects the balanced qualities of “I”.

One is the Supreme Being of Man, created by God as Idea. One is not the image one co-creates with God, one is forever the Supreme Idea.

Images are never born, and they never die. The body is not alive, nor is it dead. It is a fashion statement: the body is grand art. It is not the Artist.

“There is no death nor life in material bodies of My creation. There is naught but interchange of the Light of Love, for all creating bodies are centered by Me, and I am the Light of Love.” (Divine Iliad)

Mankind is waking up from the spell of the belief that Mind can be made physical

Happy Easter. Jesus was never born, killed, nor resurrected. He lives forever.

Mind cannot be made physical; all foundations that rest on the premise that Mind can be made physical are false. Love cannot be contained; Adam, when he fell in love with the form of Eve and she reacted in kind, “fell into a deep sleep” by the belief that it could be.

The deep sleep of now being in love with form prevents one from Knowing the Formlessness of the Kingdom of Heaven, Now. Adam and Eve, fast asleep in the dream that Mind can be made physical, in love with the dual images of their One Idea and sleep walking through the motions as if Mind has actually been made physical, are in love with the moving images of their own Idea, yet forever unable to pin them down and keep them. Rest, relief — are ever found in the One Idea of Man in its Magnetic Source, not in the divided electrical images providing the illusion of man and woman. Thus are man and woman forever unable to find lasting happiness in one another; their images are always moving away from one another and back to their One Source. Adam and Eve, in their dream of separation from Formless Love to act as if they are in love with form instead, are like mad donkeys, forever chasing carrots fastened to their own tails.

Love is never located in the electricity of the spacetime illusion; what is magnetically inseparable cannot be separated from its Self and and then electrically contained apart from its Self. Electricity provides the illusion of division from what is magnetically inseparable; Love is completely indivisible. The Magnetic Light of God is 100% positive; it can only be made into the illusion of pairs of electrically interchanging negatives. All electricity is illusion. One lives forever in God’s Magnetic Light as His Idea, one never appears, disappears or reappears from this Light by the illusion of an associated electrical image. Gravity, one of the pairs of opposites, only seems to locate Living Idea, and radiation, gravity’s counterpart, only seems to dissipate its location. Gravity and radiation are controlled by the Image Maker, or the Idea in the Mind of God, not the image made.

To believe in the dream that Mind, which is Love, can be made physical, and to then be made sad or happy by the physical, is to act insane. Sanity is letting go of giving reality to the illusion of form, to rest in Formless Truth.

Read more about the illusion of creating duplicity and the Truth of Oneness in the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life

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Homo Spiritus taking His place in the creating universe

If you are wondering about the metaphysics of creating vs the belief that the creative universe will disappear from perception “for good”, check out Walter and Lao Russell’s “Atomic Suicide“.

The creating universe does not disappear; belief in being separate from Creator by creation disappears. We forgot to laugh at the idea of death, and in our seriousness decided to separate from Knowledge of Life. The decision was to behold in our brothers the idea of death and cling to it in desperation, vs rest in the Pulse of Life for loving inspiration about “what next”.

In the state in the fire, the creating universe that disappeared from perception continued without my intervention. The body continued doing its task – escaping from a house fire – while I was completely unaware of its existence (or the seeming terror at hand), and only aware of Oneness with the Light of God that is Love Being Love. Eventually, mankind will Know of both Oneness with Love, and the perception of duality, or the illusion of One Magnetic, Imperceptible Light split into pairs of perceptual electrical light rings. He will Know that Oneness with the Magnetic Light is His Reality and Identity, and that creating the illusion of electrical activity is his hobby.

Everyone is already enlightened, as the saying goes. Awareness of Oneness with the Magnetic Light is so electrically circuit-shorting at this stage of man’s unfoldment that one doesn’t necessarily recall the Memory. Oneness happens nightly, and is forgotten daily. It took years to be able to recall the Memory of God in the state in the fire of Oct 2009 without melting back into it, and becoming non-functional in the world of ego. It took years for the newly inspired (enlightened) brain connections to replace the old, and to begin to write about the state with a different vocabulary to suit. The vocabulary was present in the State Itself, but to break Word down into words takes great effort, and much practice to “get it right”.

I am ahead of time, it seems, being able to write about the state of divine union that, at this point in man’s evolution, temporarily, but completely, wipes out the use of perception when it is recalled. It no longer wipes out perception for the writer; I am able to recall it, and describe it to the best of my perceptual ability. Perception is necessary to teach.

The masses will catch up; homo barbarian will completely unfold to Homo Spiritus. At that stage in the ascension, everyone will have 360 degree perception of the hologram of electric light rings, and Know of union with its One Magnetic Source. Non-dimensional Oneness will be Known, simultaneous with perception of creation from all angles. Nothing will be left hidden – the fear-based need to make one unconscious to creation will be left behind. One will Know at once that all of creation is an illusion of Light, and one is the Light.

We, seemingly stuck with the idea of death, but really just still so young in our evolution that we are literally not yet able to perceive or describe beyond it, cannot yet fathom the glory that is ahead, as Homo Spiritus releases the idea of death from Mind, and takes His Knowing place in the creating universe.

And yet, we will. ❤



2016: the summer of the flower of life

Almost two summers ago, the cube-o-sphere based image of the flower of life kept coming to me, along with the nonlinear mechanics of its unfolding and refolding, and I kept trying to draw it. The state of Mind that the information came with was glorious, but the art I came up with fell completely short. I said to my husband Dave, “I wish I had learned physics in high school, so I could understand what it is I am trying to draw”.

I had no idea that had I learned physics in high school, I would likely would have been lead on a journey away from Source towards further separation and disconnection, not towards Source, and the truth of connection.

The fall of 2016, after the flower of life image and its metaphysics arose in Mind, I discovered Nassim Haramein and unified physics. “There are no accidents” my teacher Dr David R Hawkins used to say. I joined the Resonance Academy, did their course modules on unified physics, and during one of their community break away sessions, another delegate told the group about the works of Walter and Lao Russell. I then did the Russell’s home study course, and learned the metaphysics of the flower of life. The physics of the Russell cosmogeny matched up perfectly with the nonlinear metaphysical Knowledge that arose many months prior.

And the state in the fire was a timeless glimpse into the Quality of the uninterrupted-by-belief Union with the Father — it was an eternal taste of the Reality and Identity of the non-perceptual Kingdom of Heaven. I describe this Quality repeatedly, in the book Without the idea of death. Via the body’s senses, the flower of life seems to be quantified by its unfolding and refolding: it seems to be born and it seems to die. What cannot be known by the senses is that this unfolding and refolding is Known by Mind to be continuous. What can be Known by surrender of attachment to belief in the small representation of Reality the senses convey about the flower of life is the eternal Quality of Union with the flower’s Knowledge and Power base, in Source. This Quality is Unified Love, and this Unity lives forever. Knowing the Quality of Unified Love is the normal, absolute state of Mind. What is sensed to be born, and to die, is not part of this Eternal State.

Some notes I jotted down during “the summer of the flower of life” resurfaced today (I have added to them slightly):

“Power Source = Awareness of Self as Love without form”

“Point of location in time and space = consciousness”

“Points of location and time along a continuum of power as it extends and returns to refresh its own power represent the limitation on Awareness otherwise known as consciousness.”

“Consciousness is the part of God’s Mind that experiences itself. The Witness to the Awareness of God’s Mind but watches. I am One with the Witness, not the experiencer.”

“No projection is ever a straight line. Power is always its Source. At no point does power run out; it is recycled.”

I am working on including art in the printed copy of Without the idea of death: There is only Life.