The Eternally Opening and Closing Divine Rose or Flower of Life: Excerpt from Without the idea of death — There is only Life

God’s Love expressed is like an eternally opening and closing Flower of Life or Divine Rose. God’s Love is a Pulse Beat of His Light extended, that is relaxed back to His Stillness of Being to be expressed again in the next beat.

The Idea of Man is backed by the Father of Creation’s Pulse Beat of Life, by a wave of Love Begetting Love, Light Begetting Light, continuously, without deviation. Light as Pure Magnetic (Unified in Source) Love is all there is to Know in the Stillness of the rest and recovery of electrical death, which is absence of thought and is the normal and absolute state of Mind, and electrical reflections of Pure Love are all there are to perceive of thinking, or the activities of life. Thinking produces electrical activity, resting in God’s Thought of Love has no electrical effects. Oneness with God’s Thought of Love is Man’s birthright, and death right.

The following excerpt from the book Without the idea of death: There is only Life is a description of Knowing Oneness with the very Qualities-in-One of the Pulse of Life that is God’s Love extending and returning – Interchanging – within Him. As the universe of formed love disappeared into unformed Love, it was as if I was an old dandelion flower, dispersing my seed in the wind, and yet, I was not just the flower and the seed, but also the wind — all in One. And in the end which is ever the beginning, I was none of it. It was perfectly natural to let go of the formed image (love), and relax into Oneness with the unformed Image (Love) Maker.

Eternally unfolding and refolding divine rose or “flower of life” excerpt from Without the idea of death: There is only Life:

The Total Quality of Knowledge at this point was still conditioned by the vague sensing of embedded seeds of form projected onto the screen of space, but Formless Love was Blossoming from Within, like a simultaneously super-fast-closing-and-opening rose that knew not how to die. The closing of the rose interchanged with the opening of it, continuously, and the Divine Scent of it that was being veiled and unveiled, veiled and unveiled, was taking Supreme Control. There was no fear; fear never was. The sense of Love Becoming only intensified as I “leaned” in, with Total and Absolute Gratitude, to Re-give what was Being Given, and I was carried into the very the Pulse of It.
The divinely-building closing-and-opening came together at once without delay between the two directions, and there I climaxed, and I remained in climax with One continuous pulsing stream of Love Interchanging with Love, that swallowed all direction whole. I became One with God’s Interchanging Love, completely inseparable. I was no longer seeming at all; seeming location within dimension completely disappeared in the Oneness with the Ever Joining of this Love. I was Aware only of the Rhythmic, Balanced Interchange of Love Begetting Love that I am, Being Love. No concept of “me” outside of this Pulse of Love in Continuous Climax had ever seemed to be.

It is from this “place” of union with the Father of the wave of creation that all creating occurs. One may forever rest in the Pulse Beat of Love that is at-once God extended and His Son returned, ever unified in Pure Love, or one may imagine, and believe in, the illusion of division. Rest in the Pulse of Life is eternal Reality, and projections of illusions from it — embodied idea — come and go, open and close, unfold and refold, but are never known to be made real.

All that dies from Mind is the belief in separation from Man’s Eternal Life, all that dies is the idea of death, which is discovered to have been projected and beheld for a time to be true, and yet, it can never be made to be so. Illusion dies back into Knowledge. The Truth that Lives on is the Qualitative Knowledge of Being Undivided from Source — of Being One with the very Essence of Eternal Love, as the Divine Rose of Life opens and closes.


Rayah Roses by Darcie French


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