The interchange of four armed Krishna

The image of four-handed Krishna or the universal form is only terrifying to behold to the ego of consciousness that relies on the senses that cannot Know Love, as two of the arms appear to be Father Brahma’s, and two appear to be Lord Shiva’s. Two of the One Lord’s arms concentrate thoughts in the Godhead into form, and the other two decentrate them. Two arms bring light forth, and two bring it back.

The four arms of creating are working together simultaneously – creation and dissolution is nothing but adjusting volume to reflect current matured thought. To perceive the universal form is to perceptually look at both life and death occurring as if at once, and this is where the terror arises. Perception of the idea of death at play is terrifying; but this terror is not based in reality that is Known to be true. To perceive only two-armed Krishna, as God appears in man, is to temporarily perceive the familiar form that brings comfort only to the senses. Yet the two-armed view of Krishna cannot last, and must be surrendered to Lord Shiva.

Knowledge, on the other hand, of adjustment of Self’s volume, has nothing to do with the senses, and is only of Love interchanging. Rest in this Knowledge.


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