What is there to ‘forgive’?

What is there to forgive of the Guiltless Son of God, but the belief in giving reality to the  illusion of nonlinear idea taking linear form?

“Forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Jesus Christ). No one ever knows illusion to be real, but temporarily believes it to be so. Forgive because of the belief in illusion to be real; misconception is the reason for all discord. There is nothing to forgive but mistaken belief.

What is forever embedded in the Mind of God only seems to come forth by the illusion of a dying image temporarily coming into view. Close the eyes, and the image disappears; it never was. Without attention to perception tracking the coming and going of idea, all that is left is the reality of the image-maker.

“Without the idea of death, there is no world” (ACIM)

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2 thoughts on “What is there to ‘forgive’?

  1. Darcie, what are your thoughts on solipsism? Does each person have their own individual thoughts/emotions/consciousness, or am I just projecting them, like in a dream where I am the only one real?


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