Glossary of Terms: The Absolute State

“The Absolute State”

The Kingdom of Heaven is Knowledge of God’s Absolute Thought without seeming interruption. The Stillness of God is the Perfect Balance of Absolute Love Being in Love, and is all there is to Know of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Absolute State of Oneness with God is all there is to Know of Reality. Projectiles from fear returning to fear are not of Reality.

The “state in the fire” exemplified the Absolute state of Mind; I Knew of only Being wholly one with Love. One is irrevocably united in God’s Nonlinear Being, as if one is one half of His very Self; without returning Love as the innate way to receive it, which to “four-armed Krishna” is automatic, but to “two-armed Krishna” is perceived to mean having to extend resources first, Knowledge of the Undivided Autonomous Self in Love with Self is seemingly interrupted by projections returning to fear for projection instead of Love returning to Love for extension, and the Self is thereby not Known to be one undivided whole. To rest in four-armed Krishna is to eternally Live in the Interchange of Absolute Love that is the Kingdom of Heaven. To act as two-armed Krishna is to activate an image in the play that is half of one whole and simulate the autonomy of the one four-armed Krishna by balanced give and take between the two halves.

Even whilst “in the presence of a functioning brain”, there is no perception operating in the Absolute State, there is only Oneness with Love Being Love, which is wholly Known as what it exactly is.  Oneness is not perceptual. The Absolute state satisfies the empty senses to the point of eradication. And yet the senses are not “demolished”, nor even “turned off”; there is no death. In their absolute satisfaction in Source, they were never set in motion to satisfy.

“The Father” is One Love, or One Thought’s radial extension, and “the Son” is Love’s lawful return to Central Origin; the inseparable unity of Love’s extension and return is inherent to God’s Being. Simultaneous extension/return but with one characteristic in preponderance of the other, and alternating sequentially with the other to become the other’s preponderance, is the four-armed universal format of Absolute Love for all two-armed simulations of Love. All power to simulate One Love by two comes from the thinking to divide this absolute unity; power is leveraged by division of this unity. Yet no matter what is divided from nothing but Love and made to seem as if it has become something else multiplied, one is ever united with the Father of Love as His Love returning for extension, and the Kingdom is Known in its Absolute State of Unified Being to be nothing but Love, Begetting Love.

*From the online glossary of terms to go with the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017

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