Transcending Ego Body Fashioning

I chose enlightenment to be "my #1 goal in life" because I couldn't find any relief for lifelong clinical depression in the empirical. I am trained in and was working in social work, but could't heed the saying "physician, heal thyself." In the State in the fire, I would discover that my depression was directly … Continue reading Transcending Ego Body Fashioning

Where is a black hole located?

Q: Where is a black hole located? A: The way I understand it via the State in the fire and using the Russell Cosmogeny vocabulary, black holes are the other body half patterns of centering matter. They are evacuated of the light waves that accumulate as centering matter. Black hole is the expansive conical bases … Continue reading Where is a black hole located?

Love is all there is to Know and comprehend

Man is eternally creative, and has never been separated from the Source of creativity. What is expressed from Love returns to Love for its re-expression. Oneness is shared freely in the Mind of God; there is no concept of death naturally attached to the embodiment. The idea of death is the ego's false idea. "God … Continue reading Love is all there is to Know and comprehend

Glossary of terms: Anthropomorphization

"Anthropomorphization" God is One Being, undivided by the illusion of division into the anthropology of His forms of seeming. Form is motion-embodied thought, it is idea made to seem manifest by setting the Stillness of Oneness in Love of God's Being into the illusion of motion or separation. Any time the perceptual qualities of  "sensed … Continue reading Glossary of terms: Anthropomorphization

Glossary of terms: Authorship

"Authorship" God Authors Life. The voice for ego, that seems to drown out the Voice for God or the Holy Spirit that ever leads Man back to Idea in Source, believes that satisfying the waking senses through consumption of effects means authoring life. Only Magnetic Cause Authors Life; electrical effects are but reflections of Authorship. … Continue reading Glossary of terms: Authorship

Awakening to My Own Timeline

The beginning of the last two weeks of the year 2007 marked the end of fearful attention paid to the timeline of the spacetime calendar. Prior to the opening up of my spectrum of perception to include the never was manifest of God's Idea of Man that I am, it was as if I was … Continue reading Awakening to My Own Timeline

What one makes of the Kingdom of Now

There is no death; there is no 'afterlife'. Nothing leaves the Stillness of Union in Source. Nothing is ever born apart from Source; nothing ever dies. There is only Mind at rest within the Living Stillness, or Mind actively living within Stillness. Mind at rest Knows only the Kingdom of Heaven; at rest one Knows … Continue reading What one makes of the Kingdom of Now

Interchange vs outer change

"There is no subconscious Mind. Mind is not stratified. There is only Mind at rest, and Mind in action -- which means thinking." (Walter Russell) There is only the Pulse of Life, which is God's Interchange between rest and activity that is Known as Oneness with Love Begetting Love. There are no actual levels of … Continue reading Interchange vs outer change

All one knows of death

From a point of total rest in eternal Love does Mind divide the power of that rest to extend the temporarily appearing electrical activities of the universe in motion called 'living beings'. Each is one with this Power at rest and one is never divided by the illusions of motion. Mind is God's; one is … Continue reading All one knows of death

One with the Stillness

One with the Stillness of Love Being, I interchange only in Love with the Father of my Being, and this is all the actual motion there is to Know of the Pulse of Life. The Quality of this Interchange is Known to be 'out-of-this-world'; to rest in the Source of Beingness is to be satiated … Continue reading One with the Stillness

Impulse of God’s desire

When God talks there are no words conveyed; God's "speech" is known as Impulse, it is known as One Word that completely defines me, uplifts me, and renews me when I do nothing but listen, and watch as I comply with Love. "Desire in Me is soul in Me" (Divine Iliad) I am irrevocably unified … Continue reading Impulse of God’s desire