Transcending the pairs of opposites that represent the indivisible One, to Know existing Union with God, aka the Normal State of Mind

Pairs of electrical opposites represent the Magnetic unity of Father and Son, but they can never become what they represent.

The opposite of the narcissistic ego (the part that says, “look here at this electricity”) is the empathic ego (the part that agrees, and “turns and looks”).  The empath that answers the call to look to the ego’s thought system is irrevocably tuned in with the narcissism that calls for it: one part of the ego cannot be used to transcend the other. Like a game of ping pong, the Mind is seemingly sent back and forth between extremes of ideology based solely on what the senses interpret. Mind cannot find rest in ideology, but in Unity with the Source of the One Idea that is seemingly broken down into ideology.

Ideology is an ongoing play between pairs of opposites. The photo negative is irrevocably part of the photo positive, it becomes it. The illusion of pairs of opposites becoming one another (creation) represents the indivisible unity of God and His Son. These pairs become one another forever, but they never become the United One they are.

Male – Female – Male – Female – Male and Female interchange in One forever

Negative – Positive – Negative – Positive – Positive and Negative interchange in One forever

Narcissist – Empath – Narcissist – Empath – the narcissist and the empath interchange in One forever

Black Light – White Light – Black Light – White Light – Black Light and White Light interchange in One forever

Left – Right – Left – Right – Left and Right interchange in One forever

In the normal state of Mind, One is aware only of the Magnetic Quality of Perfect Balance that the perfect, balanced interchange between the electrical pairs of opposites reflects. One is not conscious of being on either side of a pair of opposites in the normal state of Mind, but aware of Being One with the very Source of Balance. For example, One is aware of being Genderless, by rest in the Quality of Balance backing the perfect balanced interchange within One between male and female.

The Son of God is One with the Father, not with the narcissistic ego of consciousness, nor with the empathic ego of consciousness. The Son of God is not male, nor female, is not black, nor white, is not left, nor right.

The ego continually attempts to compartmentalize the Son of God by its belief systems that one way or the other, ultimately murder the continuous peace of the Son Knowing the Father. The absolute state of Mind, wherein Unity with Source is wholly Known, is the normal state of Mind. The ego is the source of abnormal states of Mind. Choose ego and find that further dimensions of separation seem added to perception, choose God in the name of being in alignment with existing normalcy. The union of Father and Son that blurs all dimension back to zero is normal; the ego calls the thought of dimension real. Life believed to be trapped within dimension, feeling separated from the Father, is not normal.

The Son of God is God’s Love, ever unified in the Source of Love, never left by the dance of the pairs of opposites that is ongoing creation of illusion and is not to be regarded as the normal state. Be still, and Know this Unity, and only this Unity. Identify not with the electrical tapestries woven by Adam and Eve, they represent states of Mind perceived outside of the inner norm. Identify only with the Son’s Reality In Love, to transcend the illusions of being divided from it.


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