Writing for the levels of consciousness to teach about nonlinear Love

Perhaps it takes a mystic to fully comprehend the writings of a mystic, yet the mystic writes for everyone. On the path to becoming a mystic, the student of enlightenment transcends belief in the levels of consciousness necessary to teach/learn of the Oneness of unvariegated Spirit.  There are no levels to Spirit; the levels of consciousness are but dimensions of creative illusion. The mystic writes both for the nonlinear communion with other mystics, and for the nonlinear education of those embroiled in belief.

The world could use more writers at consciousness level 600” said Dr David R Hawkins. The levels of consciousness below 600 (on Dr Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness (R)) constitute the world, and the limiting beliefs inherent to those levels constitute the need for nonlinear education.

Levels of consciousness below 600 on the Map of Consciousness (R) represent levels of  attachment to life within dimension and are functionally unaware of non-dimensional union in the Father (Oneness). Belief in separation starts at 1 of bacteria on Doc’s map, and Awareness of Oneness, or enlightenment, starts at level 600. Eons pass before bacteria evolves beyond the belief in separation, and innate power is generally not put to use in the world of dimension because there is the belief in separation from Source at play. Great degrees of unnecessary suffering go on with the levels below 540 because man does not Know of his Oneness with God (540 is “the start” of Knowing Oneness, as unconditional love), and he makes regrettable decisions with frequencies corresponding directly with his degrees of unknowing.

One is not the colorful, electrical light-wave units pixelating in and out of perception as the image of one’s idea evolves through the wave of its creation – one is Unified in God’s Mind as His Idea that never leaves the Still Magnetic Light of its Source. God is wholly inseparable from His Idea, and Knowing this truth is the normal state of Mind. God’s Idea always rests in His Love and Knowing this Love, one surrenders the world of effects from abnormal thinking, and seeks out this Knowledge at will. In the end of the unknowing, which interchanges beautifully in the beginning of Knowledge that always was and will always be, there is only Love.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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