What is the Telepathy Net or Tnet

I have been using the term “telepathy net” or “t-net” for about a decade to describe the invisible black whole that worms through and connects all parts of the universe. The tnet is my preferred method of communication. Last year I was delighted to read this excerpt from the Russell Cosmogeny:
“Q. Will you tell us about telepathy?
A. Telepathy is best understood by comparing it with the cable. Telepathy is rapidly coming into conscious use as we get farther out of the jungle and nearer the mountain top. People send messages across a cable. We get another’s meaning telepathically by a glance or a look without needing a visible cable. People separated thousands of miles think messages to each other through invisible cables of light.
Our spiritual unfoldment will one day make the use of telephone wires for sound transmission obsolete, for we shall then transmit our messages telepathically. We are, in truth, complete transmitting and receiving sets within ourselves.” (Walter Russell)
As homo barbarian unfolds to Homo Spiritus, the capacity to communicate becomes innately understood as shared.

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