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The physical universe is Love’s Origami

Love is all there is in God nature and the expression — or manifestation — of love is all there is in the nature of the physical universe.” (Walter Russell)

Unified Love is all there is to Know, and all there is to Think to become by division of Love’s unity into its unfolding/refolding story-timed potential-locking pairs of opposites. Life and death for the purpose of rebirth until the Original Value of division of One into two is fully understood by all the divided entities is simple, uncomplicated, and easily replicated in man’s inventions. Man is the only one who questions the direction of his Oneness and doesn’t necessarily conform to universal laws, thereby causing imbalanced effects.

Unified in the Father of Love, the Son of Love Knows only rest in Love, and learns how to ecstatically express it without identification with the physical by perfectly dividing Love to ever be reGiven to Self in perfect equilibrium. The Father Knows the entire unfolding-refolding Sonship as only His Love for its Conception. The Sonship Knows only Love at rest, and in seeming motion comprehends an expression of Given Love with the Power to re-Give it and remain in an equilibrium so ecstatic, the body unfolds/refolds by instinct and is forgotten to the Totality of Creation.

Because man has the power of attraction and repulsion under his control, he can seem to give, and take, Love. He can seem to upset his own equilibrium. Yet Love is only ever Given; it is never taken. The idea to take Love is the cause of imbalance in all of man’s undertakings. Giving of Love only to be reGiven to Self is what man strives to replicate in order to achieve balanced equilibrium in all of his creative operating systems. Giving Love enables man to Know the Supreme Idea of Man, while he acts in tandem with the heartbeat of creation as it sequentially unfolds into beingness and sequentially refolds back to its seed. Cosmic Man comes to Know only Perfect Equilibrium in all of his creative effects; he has Knowingly learned how to perfectly set in motion the exactly correct amount of forced imbalance, in order to comprehend the desired effect of return to balance.

Each black hole that centers a galaxy or an atom is a God-conceived “point of outward giving” (Walter Russell) that, On Demand (backed by the Desire to express Love) and in a perfectly balanced way, sequentially appears matter from it and returns matter to it; black holes are the inert seeds of God’s creating things that unfold to refold and re-express as Desired the records of all activity. Whether galactic or atomic, black holes are separated from impacting one another by invisible cubic boundary planes. Black holes manufacture and recycle within those boundary planes sphere systems of matter made of light. Black holes are God’s energetic cube-0-spheres that pulsate/interchange between the two shapes. Each sphere is comprised of the sacred geometry of the two pairs of invisible cone-shaped projectors of light, projecting light in opposite directions through one another. The projection of light rays through one another forces the directed rays to spiral around one another, to entwine, in order to avoid colliding. This entwining simulates the Unity of Love. All lines are spirally curved, and lead back to their origin. As light rays find rest in the outer boundary planes of the cube, they reverse their direction back to origin.

On one “half” of each of the positional cones of perception is the positive, concentrated, polarized point, and the other is the negative, decentrated or depolarized, base. The physical universe is God’s unfolding/refolding origami that interchanges between polarization and depolarization. Bring the four divisions centrally back together as one (one-dimensionally illustrated, the four positional cones now make the star of David shape, in 3D, one sees the spherical flower of life) to project the two pairs of opposites through one another, and where the bases line up there appears the equator of the sphere, and the four concentrated points become the north and south and east and west gravity poles. North and south gravity poles balance the sphere vertically in alignment with its seed Source, and the east and west gravity poles dissipate the vertical balancing power over time, and gradually oblate the sphere horizontally back to its seed.

An image from nonlinear sacred geometry is created by the illusion of balance in motion, as the appearance of spheres and systems of spheres are reflected off the inner mirrored planes of their divided wave-fields. As the sphere oblates by sloughing rings off its equator, it’s image gradually refolds or disappears back to its concentrated point.

Every sphere system is created and then unfolded by a series of symmetrical divisions of inert seeds of concept within marked off boundary planes. These divisions of Stillness create the illusion of motion as the pairs of opposites strain against the tension of the division and attempt to return to the unified state. The aforementioned expansion and concentration of the universe is an interchanging pump action and reaction that is continuous and inexhaustible once set in motion, because rest points re-concentrate the expanded light rays for their re-concentration and rebirth.

Life never dies, but rests in the depolarized state; one rests in the “final” outward breath for a universal beat, and continues creating “on the other side” with the next beat, which is always the next intake of breath or the next stage of concentration. The “other side” or the “afterlife” is always perceived as polarized, (and so to the ego, lead by the limited human senses, evolution ends not in the Normal State of Mind for continuance, but in death) and yet awareness of Love Being in Love is continuous regardless of pseudo-identification with the creating physical body’s position in the wave.

The creating body is a creating thing of Mind’s that works in tandem with the universal Pulse Beat of creation that is the interchange between appearance and disappearance, concentration and decentration. The wave of creation has a beginning note, and an ending note, and the ending note is the beginning note for the next wave. Life and death is choosing to locate an idea in time and space by the interchange between its stopping and starting.

Knowledge of Love Being both “halves” of the interchange both transcends belief in giving reality to perception, and includes perception of Love seemingly made manifest for what it is. As the Value of division becomes fully Known, the impulse to divide from Knowing Oneness by identification with the senses of the embodiment of creation subsides, and the impulse to create with unified certainty reigns. The creating body is wholly forgotten for the ecstasy of the Unified Love of its conception. The Son ascends to creating the way the Father does: he first unfolds his concept, in order to conceive His Love for it.

There is no life vs death, they are the interchanging illusion of Mind sequentially Thinking Knowledge into and out of concept, for the Purpose of the concept’s ecstatic conception.

“The wise lament for neither the living nor the dead” (Bhagavad Gita). Mind can never actually be made physical; this the wise Know.

The Pulse of Life is the Interchange between Knowing what One is and thinking to become what One Knows that brings to seeming embodiment unformed idea. Each black hole is a universal energy/light pump for seemingly forming and unforming idea. Every universal light pump works the same way. All light rays given are regiven. To look at only one side of a black hole and call it slated for “death by entropy into nothingness” is to forget one’s Knowledge of the Black Wholeness of the One Self, and the Totality of Life’s Pulse.

There is this seeming dichotomy: believe in one-sided death and try to outrun it, or rest in the Totality of the wave of creation as it unfolds and refolds, and Know of Oneness in Love with only the ecstasy of God’s conception.

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Giving the body over to the Oneness of the Creator’s Creation

The Light is ever Known to be unified in One, even while the Self is perceived to be expressed in many lights. What exits the stage is belief in the seeming division of One into many separate parts. Each part is Known to be connected to every other by the centering and controlling invisible Magnetic Light that is the Black Wholeness of God.

If the body becomes a means you give to the Holy Spirit to use on behalf of union of the Sonship, you will not see anything physical except as what it is.” (ACIM Text)

God has one idea. That one idea is Creation as a whole.” (Walter Russell)

When the body is given over to Oneness, to Creation as a whole, the range of perception opens up to include all of its parts. One sees no separation in God’s one idea of creation, or one creating thing.

With understanding of Oneness, the metaphysics of creating things easily becomes working Knowledge. Here, God thinks to create a creative cat, and here, a creative tree, and here, a creative man — all by the same simple process of dividing Magnetic Stillness into electrical pairs of opposites and bringing them back together as the idea in Mind seeming to be embodied. The physical gives seeming location to what has none, matter is the still idea of creation in motion that reflects the idea back to the imaginer in Source. When given to the Holy Spirit’s Purpose, One sees the body of God for what it is only, a reflection of countless creative parts of the Creator’s one idea of a creating thing.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

What is the Telepathy Net or Tnet

I have been using the term “telepathy net” or “t-net” for about a decade to describe the invisible black whole that worms through and connects all parts of the universe. The tnet is my preferred method of communication. Last year I was delighted to read this excerpt from the Russell Cosmogeny:
“Q. Will you tell us about telepathy?
A. Telepathy is best understood by comparing it with the cable. Telepathy is rapidly coming into conscious use as we get farther out of the jungle and nearer the mountain top. People send messages across a cable. We get another’s meaning telepathically by a glance or a look without needing a visible cable. People separated thousands of miles think messages to each other through invisible cables of light.
Our spiritual unfoldment will one day make the use of telephone wires for sound transmission obsolete, for we shall then transmit our messages telepathically. We are, in truth, complete transmitting and receiving sets within ourselves.” (Walter Russell)
As homo barbarian unfolds to Homo Spiritus, the capacity to communicate becomes innately understood as shared.