The Mystic Reality

Darcie French

The following is a reprint of a squidoo page that I wrote in 2010 called, “The Care and Nurture of Mystics”

The Mystic Reality has been highly misunderstood by masses. The ego of the mystic is no longer the operating thought system. The mystic is someone who puts Reality above or before ‘typical’ egoistic programming that is limited to the belief in separation from Reality.

One way or another, most mystics leave society’s typical roles, (though some return as Teachers) because a transcendence of the intellect as being the source of survival has occurred. The mystic knows that all of life is supported by the Higher Power that has created the manifestation of the material world. The mystic resides in the Unmanifest Reality of Source.

The mystic knows how to ‘tap into’ this unmanifested energy by holding in mind what’s required to work with in the material world. In this…

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