I am as Love is

As Knowledge unfolds in consciousness, one comes to know of Oneness with the Self of God Being Love, and to comprehend duality as this One Love being inclusively expressed. One comes to know that Love is all there is, in essence and expression. One comes to Know that Truth stays put, while sensing the illusion of Truth in motion.

I “is” Love Being Love. I “am” is Love being expressed in its imagined forms.

Man and God are One. To the extent in which man knows God in him, he is God and has His omnipotent power.” (Divine Iliad)

In the state in the fire, I knew of my absolute Oneness with God by being one with God’s two lights of my creative power, known only as pure ecstasy interchanging within my Self. “I” is the Self that expresses ecstatic Love through “I am”, by dividing the One “I” into the two pairs of opposites that simulate the One Love from which they are expressed.

The known quality of God’s dual lights of creation interchanging in one is out of this world; it cannot be sensed, but known. I knew in the state in the fire wherein the universe disappeared that the “I” of the Self is Love, and over time, as I re-integrated with the expressions of this Love, I came to comprehend that the universe of form is the “am” of this Love.

I am Love, becoming Love. I am one with Love in essence, and universal co-creator with Love by expression.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

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