“I” is never divided by the illusion of “I am”

In the state in the fire, the universe of form wholly disappeared into the One Formless Ecstatic Interchange between the two lights of creating that are simultaneously extended and retracted from the One Light of God to make the illusion of form appear from the Formless. My image refolded back into Formless Source, and I became one with the Ecstasy of the Image Maker Thinking to Conceive my image.

When perception kicked back in and everything reappeared, I realized I had never actually been divided into seeming Eve, nor seeming Adam. I am forever both-in-one; these lights interchange within the One Light of the Universal Self of Me. I am the One light, not one of the seeming-to-be-separate two. They are the ecstatic Pulse of Creating, never separated from the One Creator.

Confirmation that “I” is never divided by “I am” from the Divine Iliad:

Hear Me again say there are not two halves of a divided one in all the pairs of opposites of My universe. There are but a seeming two, and each one of these is of the other one while seeming to be two. And each becomes the other one sequentially to maintain that seeming.”

Copyright@Darcie French



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