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Q & A with Darcie French on the origin and mechanics of the ego

Q: If the separation episode was brought on by ego, what are the mechanics of the beginning of ego? Ego has to be a part of the Idea since all originated from God?

A: The Cosmic Play is all about transcending reality given to the senses and thus the ego’s thought system in order to Know and Be God, and thereby create an ecstatic objective beingness based on subjective Know-how.

The ego came with the ability to sense and its role is important; it has been part and parcel of the expression of Life since time immemorial as the objective desire to get what seems needed for the expression’s ongoing transformation. For example, food is perceived as being needed to transform hunger into satiety and because of answering his hunger, man has learned how to make fire. Shelter from the elements is perceived as being necessary for the body’s survival and the ego has learned over the eons to be quite the architect. Dr David R Hawkins used to say, “give ego credit, for without it, you wouldn’t be where you are today”. Without the ego sensing lack, one could not have developed the capacity to transform by getting what is needed for transformation. The ego is often vilified, when it’s link to the desire for transformation does play a necessary part in the Cosmic Play.

Yet the ego cannot Know the subjectivity of nonlinear unity; it is purely objective, based on what the senses convey. Transcending the ego is also a necessary part in the Play.

This is not an objective universe. It is cyclic. Objectivity is but one stage of a cycle which is forever moving through many stages between the appearance and disappearance of what the senses interpret as objective.” (Walter Russell)

Transcending the ego happens gradually to all of mankind. Salvation is the forgiveness of the lower ego’s objective to take Love to satisfy the senses at all costs by the higher, or the “spiritual” ego that is willing to share for the benefit of the whole of creation. The terms “lower mind” and “higher mind” are often used to describe what are actually the jungle ego of homo barbarian and the evolved spiritual ego of modern man on the way to becoming ego-transcended Cosmic Man. Cosmic Man wholly knows of His unity with Source and comprehends that unity as Self-existent throughout all of creation. The objective unreality his senses convey no longer deceives him.

There is only One Mind that seems to be divided by the sensual objectivity of seemingly separate parts. This division is only seeming during the stage of the cycle of creation that is objective, and only if reality is given to the information provided by the senses. In reality, the body of creation is constantly transforming as it cycles between appearance and disappearance — the ego’s objectivity is temporary on all levels — it constantly becomes out-dated as creation transforms.

Sudden enlightenment is total ego death at once. Enlightenment is total rest of the sensing of objectivity in the Stillness of Reality: all objectivity of outer change is withdrawn into one subjective interchange. The ego, being lead by the senses, cannot follow the Son of God Home to the absolute state of union in the Father that is not objective perception of quantity and thus conducive to the belief in separation, but is purely qualitative knowledge of unity.

In the state in the fire, none of the ego’s objective records since time immemorial were part of Love’s subjective quality: everything in the absolute state is absolutely interchanged in its own quality that is absolutely whole in and of itself. One Love is known to be the whole of One Love vs sensed to be one of many separate parts. Everything given by God is returned to Him in its exactness of its original state for regiving back to Him – no Love is ever sensed to be lost to God – everything is known to be complete and whole by the perfection of cyclic balanced interchange. God intends for all of creation to simultaneously know in formlessness, and comprehend in form, this perfection.

While the ego came with the ability to sense, the idea of separation occurred in man much later with the addition of the prefrontal cortex that mediates conscious experience. The thought of “his own identity” came to him, and he desired to protect the body because of it. Along with the belief in personal identity came the fear of a higher power that could potentially annihilate it.

Prior to the prefrontal cortex, man was run completely by instinct and could not yet think to ask the question “Who am I (beyond the senses)? God’s Answer to the belief in separation is the Voice of the Holy Spirit, the Still Small Voice that forever answers, “You are My Love“. One is, in Reality, not the body, not the ego, but the Pure Love Given to the Idea of Man to express in God’s image.

The prefrontal cortex enabled the ability to think about what man was sensing and to then make decisions about attracting or repelling mass vs simply answering instinctively to satisfy his senses on the spot. He could decide for or against an action or reaction. By the ability to ponder his actions and their consequences, man’s thought system that was focused on protecting his own body identity alone began to include a spiritualized ego that extended this desire for protection, starting with close kin, to the whole. The ability to think was given to man so he could learn to think with God and thus be a knowing co-creator.

One Mind is never actually divided into many minds, but seems to be divided by the variegation of ego-objectivity. Everybody seems to have a personal mind, and thus does one believe that the One Self/Mind is divided into many selves with many minds. This can only seem to be so during a very small portion of the entire cycle.

Civilization was built on the foundation of the spiritual ego, and while the uncivilized lower ego routinely still instigates war and other atrocities, mankind as a whole is rising above the thought that space between images means separation from other images and from the God-Mind of the Self, to embrace the ecstatic knowledge of creation being one whole unit working together to manifest through seemingly many selves the One Self’s One Love.

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Q & A with Darcie French “is the separation episode part of God’s Idea?”

Q: If we are just thought forms, we don’t really exist. If we don’t exist, there is nothing from which to be separated. And, this play being written and directed by God, any separation episode would have to have been known by God because everything is part of the Idea, and nothing can happen without it first being part of God’s thinking. You said in your book, “… all of Man is God’s Idea forever.” So, the separation episode had to have been part of God’s Idea?

A: The body is indeed a thought form of God’s imagining and it has no reality, nor identity of its own: the imaged body of God is a tool for the Mind of God to manifest the Knowledge of Balanced Love. The electrical body of God does not separate God from His Magnetic Light; it only seems to separate man from God when the Law of Love is broken and electricity “misfires” vs interchanges in a balanced fashion. When the body is balanced with all of creation, the Law of Love is both sensed, and Known, as One Love Being Love . Think of the balanced body like a vehicle that is in perfect working order with all of its fluids topped up– one can drive it under normal conditions virtually worry free. If the car runs out of gas and the gas is not replaced, it is not the manufacturer of the car’s problem that it got out of balance with its environmental interchange, but the driver’s. The separation episode is kind of like forgetting to put gas in the car, and then blaming Henry Ford for the idea backing it when the car won’t run.

All Life is sealed in the One Light of God as His Idea; what seems to leave by the electrical lights of duality expresses the Life within the One Light by the concentrating/decentrating movement of God’s Thinking creating the illusion of mass, but isn’t Life leaving, (or returning), to the Light. All movement is itself illusion. The concept that Life or the Idea backing its expression is “in the body” and leaves when the body passes is an illusion of the senses, given reality by the Mind that reigns the senses sovereign.  That “still small Voice for God” that speaks of unity in Source has been present since the belief in separation to counter it; it just gets drowned out by the reigning sovereign senses.

Why for be thou slave to thy sensing? Be Me in thy Knowing.” (Divine Iliad)

When the Law of Love of equal, balanced interchange between extension and retraction of Love is followed by One’s thoughts, actions and reactions, the body balances itself with the rest of God’s balanced body and is easily forgotten. When the Law of Love is followed, there are no physical upsets, no problems with interpersonal relations (no war): only Love is made manifest. One knows only the ecstasy of eternity, and the appearing/disappearing body is thereby run on Autopilot.

Life is eternal. There is no death. Life is but simulated in matter by polarization- depolarization sequences as all idea of Mind is but simulated in thought-waves of moving matter.” (Walter Russell)

The Law of Love is followed by being in alignment with (simulating in all of One’s actions and reactions) the concentrating/decentrating Pulse that expresses Life. Pain and suffering are a direct result of being out of balance with the Pulse of Life. For example, sleep loss at night when Mind is decentrated naturally affects one’s ability to concentrate the next day.  Another simple example is that breathing too fast will trigger hyperventilation. Another is that overeating will over-expand the body’s cells and distort one’s ability to interchange with the Heavens by balancing physical activity. Man, having the free will to act and react “outside” of the balanced equation set by Source for all of creation easily becomes unbalanced by his own distortions.

Separation occurs in Mind by way of giving reality to the “quantities of sensed matter in motion” (ie the illusion of the moving body of God) and it is healed by the knowledge of Oneness with the Mind of God that transcends the seeming separation indicated by the senses. By the belief that Life leaves the One Light and is therefore subject to death does separation seem true.

Life never leaves the Light. The Life of Man is forever in the Mind of God, entwined in the Light of Love, as the Light of Love, Being Love. This unity is known by both God and His Son (His Idea of Man) as pure ecstasy. In balanced ecstasy is the Idea of Man forever God’s. God only knows of this unity with all of creation as His body is forever in perfect balance: God’s body forever simulates perfect balance and this is man’s only lesson to learn, by either being in alignment with divinity and knowing only Love, or being “out of sorts” with it and suffering the unwanted consequences. It is One’s divine inheritance to sense the body of God interchanging in itself in a balanced way (to manifest Love through the physical), while Knowing the Mind as Being only nonlinear Love interchanging in nonlinear Love.

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“I” is never divided by the illusion of “I am”

In the state in the fire, the universe of form wholly disappeared into the One Formless Ecstatic Interchange between the two lights of creating that are simultaneously extended and retracted from the One Light of God to make the illusion of form appear from the Formless. My image refolded back into Formless Source, and I became one with the Ecstasy of the Image Maker Thinking to Conceive my image.

When perception kicked back in and everything reappeared, I realized I had never actually been divided into seeming Eve, nor seeming Adam. I am forever both-in-one; these lights interchange within the One Light of the Universal Self of Me. I am the One light, not one of the seeming-to-be-separate two. They are the ecstatic Pulse of Creating, never separated from the One Creator.

Confirmation that “I” is never divided by “I am” from the Divine Iliad:

Hear Me again say there are not two halves of a divided one in all the pairs of opposites of My universe. There are but a seeming two, and each one of these is of the other one while seeming to be two. And each becomes the other one sequentially to maintain that seeming.”

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The transition from sensing only to knowing while sensing

Mankind transitions from only sensing and not knowing, to knowing while sensing. A relative few are “ahead of time” and have already gone through the awakening wherein the belief that Mind is made physical by sensation is surrendered. The physical examples the illusion of movement within stillness; stillness becomes known to be reality and identity, and the fulcrum for all illusion of movement/illusion of matter. As matter unfolds and refolds, one is at rest in the fulcrum of power wherein Idea in the Mind of God is never displaced, or replaced, by the illusion of Idea’s embodiment or disembodiment. So long as one believes that Idea can be made physical and subject to death, identity will be unsuccessfully located in the seeming of illusion vs the reality of truth.

After the state in the fire wherein I was one with the dual lights of God’s thinking and only knew the perfect Balance of God’s Thought of Love to Beget Love, my thinking was incredibly unbalanced by aversion to the physical (aversion is the opposite of attraction and therefore the same thing), and I thereby seemed incredibly broken. The belief in being separated from Source intensified for a period of time via aversion to the physical. It took close to nine years  and the discovery of the works of Walter Russell to step by balancing step, re-align my thinking with God’s, and to begin to balance “all my effects of interchange” like God does. God pays no attention to the products of imagination as they are not the cause of His ecstasy, His imagining is. When thinking with God, the “feet become wings”; one is transported from the burdens of attachment or aversion to Earth’s products to the high heavens of imagination.

God always balances all of His effects of interchange in His creating universe. Man persistently unbalances so many of his effects of interchange with other men that balance is impossible for him. All man’s ills, his failures, enmities, worries, fears, diseases, and wars are the result of breaking that inviolate law. The extent to which man breaks God’s law is the measure in which he, himself, is broken.” (Divine Iliad)

Man goes from “persistently unbalancing his effects of interchange” to knowing balance, and recognizing the illusion of unbalance backing sensation. As man knows truth while sensing illusion, he understands cause, and he stops breaking the law. He becomes no longer subject to the illusion of unbalanced embodiment seeking to simulate balance and lives forever as God’s Balanced Idea in a state of nonlinear ecstasy.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

Balance thinking to forget the body and live in a state of ecstasy

What is the motion in the Stillness? Motion is a simulation of rest that extends and retracts rest from rest. Seeming motion is God’s perfectly balanced, dynamic thinking that ever comes from and returns to His absolute rest. From rest in Source come all illusions of activity.

Man shares the Mind of God and the innate ability to think dynamically, and to bring to seeming life his own idea. Man works with the Image Maker of the Self on creating his own image.

When man works in tandem with God’s Pulse of Life; by rhythmic, equal interchange between rest and activity, man knows only the Self-Ecstasy of the Normal State of Mind. The body is forgotten, for it can only seem to be made physical and therefore subject to pain by unbalanced thinking.

I love the following quote from the Divine Iliad that describes how the universe of seeming motion disappears into the dynamic stillness. All “movement” that can never be made real by the belief that Mind can be made physical is qualitatively Known as mental ecstasy:

E’en though fast moving things of man’s sensing move fast, they simulate My rest, while moving, from which they sprang into seeming motion. Again I say, My universe is but seeming forms of My imagining which seem to move to record the dual pulsing of My balanced thinking. Wherefore I say, the burdens of man are made by man in the image of his unbalanced thinking. Likewise the illnesses of man are fruit of his own making. Balanced thinking is an ecstasy which knows no burden, no fatigue nor imperfection. From man’s own unbalanced thinking emanate the toxins of fatigue, and divers sicknesses, and fears. Wherefore I say, come unto Me, ye self-burdened. Find rest in Me by being Me.

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Trinities of Word for Creating the Illusion of Mass – with video

Mind cannot be made physical; matter is 99.9999% space. The attempt to make Mind into a physical reality and identity is incredibly painful; it limits Beingness to less than 1% of Reality and Identity. To make Mind physical is to remove the Son of God from all of his Glory.

The ‘separate self’ is believed to be ‘caught in a net’, and thereby kept apart from the freedom of the Identity and Reality of the One Self. No such separation has ever occurred. The Self is never caught in a net but by the belief that Mind can be made physical. The body is a tool for expressing Love, not a trap to enclose Love. The body has no power to enclose its Source.

How does the Universal One create the illusion of the physical? The power of One is multiplied by division into the illusion of many. The universe of form is God’s formless illusion of motion within stillness. Here are trinities of word groups from the Divine Iliad that describe how the illusion of motion within stillness is created to make the illusion of something appear from nothing.


From Walter Russell, Divine Iliad

Follow Me Home

When your Knowing places you at the still center of the universe which you are creating, so that all of its power stems from your Knowing instead of your sensing, then you are that power which extends from the still center which is YOU into that electric universe of your body and its extensions which you are creating.” (Walter Russell)

Follow Me, or fall low

Me with a capital “M” is the Higher Self that one does not perceive through the electrical senses, it is the unified in Power Source Self that one Knows. Follow Me to innate Knowledge, or fall low to belief given to the deceptive senses; the play is one of ascension. Follow the Higher Self, or seem as if to fall behind. Man, unKnowing, acts out his lines in the play, and as he does so, naturally ascends to Know His Self. No parts in the play are better or worse than others. To follow Me is to do what one loves, whatever it is, without settling for substitutions.

Follow Thy Self, until Oneness is Known 24/7, and there is no longer a game of catch and throw. Follow Me to the height of Knowledge once and for all, or fall low into ignorance again and again. Follow Me Home, and live forever in Me.