The Body is Grand Art, but it is not the Artist

The body never stops the illusion of ecstatic movement. The body is still idea in seeming motion; it cannot be made to stay put. The body is constantly changing. What stays put is the Stillness that centers every cell of the body from within, and controls it from without.

Rest in that Stillness while the body moves and Know it not as the Self, but as a tool of Self-Expression. Know that Love is perfectly balanced in the Stillness of its expression. Comprehend movement as but the illusion of “I” being “I am”, that never affects the balanced qualities of “I”.

One is the Supreme Being of Man, created by God as Idea. One is not the image one co-creates with God, one is forever the Supreme Idea.

Images are never born, and they never die. The body is not alive, nor is it dead. It is a fashion statement: the body is grand art. It is not the Artist.

“There is no death nor life in material bodies of My creation. There is naught but interchange of the Light of Love, for all creating bodies are centered by Me, and I am the Light of Love.” (Divine Iliad)

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