The transition from sensing only to knowing while sensing

Mankind transitions from only sensing and not knowing, to knowing while sensing. A relative few are “ahead of time” and have already gone through the awakening wherein the belief that Mind is made physical by sensation is surrendered. The physical examples the illusion of movement within stillness; stillness becomes known to be reality and identity, and the fulcrum for all illusion of movement/illusion of matter. As matter unfolds and refolds, one is at rest in the fulcrum of power wherein Idea in the Mind of God is never displaced, or replaced, by the illusion of Idea’s embodiment or disembodiment. So long as one believes that Idea can be made physical and subject to death, identity will be unsuccessfully located in the seeming of illusion vs the reality of truth.

After the state in the fire wherein I was one with the dual lights of God’s thinking and only knew the perfect Balance of God’s Thought of Love to Beget Love, my thinking was incredibly unbalanced by aversion to the physical (aversion is the opposite of attraction and therefore the same thing), and I thereby seemed incredibly broken. The belief in being separated from Source intensified for a period of time via aversion to the physical. It took close to nine years  and the discovery of the works of Walter Russell to step by balancing step, re-align my thinking with God’s, and to begin to balance “all my effects of interchange” like God does. God pays no attention to the products of imagination as they are not the cause of His ecstasy, His imagining is. When thinking with God, the “feet become wings”; one is transported from the burdens of attachment or aversion to Earth’s products to the high heavens of imagination.

God always balances all of His effects of interchange in His creating universe. Man persistently unbalances so many of his effects of interchange with other men that balance is impossible for him. All man’s ills, his failures, enmities, worries, fears, diseases, and wars are the result of breaking that inviolate law. The extent to which man breaks God’s law is the measure in which he, himself, is broken.” (Divine Iliad)

Man goes from “persistently unbalancing his effects of interchange” to knowing balance, and recognizing the illusion of unbalance backing sensation. As man knows truth while sensing illusion, he understands cause, and he stops breaking the law. He becomes no longer subject to the illusion of unbalanced embodiment seeking to simulate balance and lives forever as God’s Balanced Idea in a state of nonlinear ecstasy.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

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