How anger invites illness, and Love asks it to leave

Last fall I got angry, and I invited cancer symptoms into my life that I then had to attend to over the winter. The cancer symptoms opened my eyes to the effects anger; I knew their origin exactly. I had never been angry like that before, and the symptoms were almost perfectly concurrent.

I let the anger go for the usual state of unconditional Love that is my comfort zone. I used Rick Simpson oil to alleviate the symptoms as I simultaneously released the angry thoughts, and returned to a comfortable state of unconditional Love. The symptoms are now gone; what was invited can be asked to leave by giving Love in its place. I did not get a diagnosis or medical treatment because I knew the source of the symptoms. Knowing anger as the source, I knew how to alleviate the symptoms on my own by releasing the anger.

A quote from Walter Russell on the metaphysics of projecting anger:

Anger, for example, is not love; therefore it is not a purposeful manifestation of the fundamental principle of Nature. He who expresses anger breaks the universal law of love. For so doing, that law breaks him by creating toxic effects within his body in the measure of his own self-condemnation.” (Divine Iliad)

To become angry with another is to project metaphysical bullets that find their home in the body image of the projector. The Sonship is One. The Law of Love is that everything given to the Self is regiven to the Self. When I put not-Love out to the cube of the Self, it naturally came back to the sphere of the Self as illness.

The Rick Simpson oil heals because it knocks the anger (or other lower emotions) out and replaces it/them with Love’s simulation. THC simulates a sense of lovingness that many, who have unwittingly invited illness through projecting the lower emotions, have never had a frame of reference for. In a state of giving Love, only Love is regiven. It is not the substance itself that heals, but the Mind that surrenders to Love.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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