Impulse of God’s desire

When God talks there are no words conveyed; God’s “speech” is known as Impulse, it is known as One Word that completely defines me, uplifts me, and renews me when I do nothing but listen, and watch as I comply with Love.

“Desire in Me is soul in Me” (Divine Iliad)

I am irrevocably unified with the Soul of God and I Know this; my own pulse rests in God’s Pulse of Life and His desires are Known as my own in this rest. An Impulse from within comes from my soul, irrevocably entwined in God’s as His very desire to be unwound.

Cast aside the silly notion arising from misconception of ACIM that the creating universe will someday disappear and one will be relieved of it’s illusions by their destruction. Illusion is ‘destroyed’ only by realizing Truth, and after that, form is Known to be neither here nor there, but transitioning idea that cannot be pinned down in the linear world, and can only released to its seed in nonlinear Source.

Impulse from God is to create with only Love by its extension for eternity. Choose Love now; choose eternity now.

Let go of the terrible pain that comes from the belief in the abashment or end of form being necessary to ‘return’ to God. It is simply not true; one is irrevocably one with God now. God is a master architect of creating things and He is eternally creative. Join Him in Love and create with Him now. Follow the Impulse of His desire.


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