The illusions of stability in motion

Form doesn’t disappear from the universe; it is an illusion of testimony to matured movement returning to original stillness that mass appears stable. The time “before” the belief in space and time is now, prior to identification with reflections of stability; now is rest in timeless union in stillness, devoid not necessarily of noticing the appearance of changing dimensions, but of belief in giving reality to them.

The worst that happens is belief” said Byron Katie. Believe the illusions of space and time to be real and impacting, and they are. Rest in the timelessness of now, and the seeming realities of space and time disappear, now.

The illusions of space and time appear and disappear in pulsations of desire for them from formless timelessness that also serves as resting points of desire fulfilled. The illusion of movement is the illusion of moving through spacetime from rest point to rest point. This movement simulates the interchanging “motion” of the Pulse of Life in which all desires appearing in motion disappear to find rest in.

“Desire in Me is soul in Me” (Divine Iliad).

Oneness with the Supreme Personality of the Pulse of Life backing all simulations of it is Known to be timeless, formless, and still, even amidst the simulated activities of the cosmic play.  The creator centers from within all wave fields of movement, and controls them from without, keeping everything moving perfectly balanced in the stillness of His One Being. This Knowledge is innately shared; notice the stability of inner equilibrium and notice the Creator’s supreme balance. If not for the Creator’s expert balancing techniques irrevocably in place, the moving parts of the universe would spin out of control and the whole thing would fly apart like a house of cards unwound by a tornado. The still stage of consciousness is a representation of the stability of inertia in the Mind of the Father, given to stabilize the Son as he learns to balance his Earthly activities like the Father balances the solar system, and then to use it as a springboard to ascend to the Heavens.

Illusion will always be accessible, at no point will the Universal One cease to be creative; the first step towards enlightenment is to recognize creative illusion, and the second is to stop giving it reality. Total revelation of Oneness with the Presence of God backing illusion disappears it, and belief in illusion’s reality is gone when it reappears.  Look away from the mirrors of motion, and the seemingly stable images within them disappear. Look back into them, and there again be the illusions of stability in motion.


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