Oneness with the whole of creation

The universe of formed light is the electrical dance between white light and dark light of the Creator’s One Magnetic Light keeping perfect symmetry between seeming opposites. This dance between opposites simulates the Pulse of Life that Sources the electricity necessary for the appearance and disappearance of the stage and its dancers. All dancers desire to raise up from the inert stage and then return to rest in it, simulating under the Creator’s Supreme Control the changeless equilibrium of rest in their Source.

Focus on the Creator’s Idea of Man and rest in the Stillness of the One Light’s Love unmanifest. The Love of the Magnetic Light of God is all-attractive. Surrender to this attraction blossoms into the Knowledge of union in perfect rest, Being only the Beloved Idea of God’s that never actually moves from its Source.

Focus on the electrical winter dancing alone by itself, and the electrical spring that is the winter’s unseen dance partner seems not yet manifest. Focus on the aging electrical body dancing alone by itself, and the newborn one seems not yet manifest. Focus on electrical depression or the seeming inability to dance, and its opposite half of perfect symmetry within the Mind of God – electrically radiated joy that cannot help but dance – seems not yet manifest. If the depression seems real, know that it’s counterpart will seem just as real, and will cancel the first example of seeming reality. All opposing parts of one simulation cancel one another out to simulate the One Light that cannot actually be electrically divided; its “opposites” are unified in One. Focus on the seeming divisions of One Light into opposites focuses on a seeming split from Love that does not exist in Source.

Electrical intercourse is already being made manifest, and it is ever going to be the Creator’s one sculpting and de-sculpting tool shared with His Son. The alternating poles of electrical charge and discharge are of One Unipolar Source that divides only to give equal volume between the divided parts. Lightening discharges the moisture from the clouds above and ends the drought below.

One Still Light is forever moved into seeming-to-be-still formed configurations of it by desire in the Mind of the Creator electrically expressed in perfect balance. Both the Mind, and the body of the Creator are Light, and all light formations within it are absolutely balanced by their unformed counterparts. And in the midst of the dance between  electrical charge and discharge, the Magnetic Light of Source never changes its quality of Love Begetting Love. The changing electrical activities of the Creator’s light workers never go beyond their points of rest in this Love, and are ever centered by it. Rest the “missing” halves of electrical perception in this Love, and Know the shared Oneness of the whole of creation.

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