Make this lifetime the Time of your Life

The ego believes it reigns sovereign over God’s plan for Man to ascend to the Father by way of realizing and manifesting only the Supreme. The ego does not manifest the Supreme; it believes in suffering and sacrifice, and it manifests only pain. Listening to the voice for the ego burns one out; it literally fries existing feel-good connections by the very resistance to allowing them.

Yet pain cannot reign sovereign in Love. The ego can only keep the Son of God’s attention for a lifetime if the Son so chooses to keep it; it cannot keep it for Life.

Make this “lifetime” the time of your Life instead. Forget the ego; forget suffering. Forget all ideas about sacrifice and suffering in time, and rest in the Timelessness of the Pulse of Life. There only is the Supreme, waiting to become manifest.


3 thoughts on “Make this lifetime the Time of your Life

  1. To add to my earlier post, the books explain how there must be separation for there to be Oneness. Infinite LOVE cannot exist without the universe of form. I believe You are in the process of realizing this? Your Spiritual Event fits in perfectly with Oneness, also. 🙂

    “Then you will become one with the Oneness, and there will be nothing else except That Which You Are-which is All There Ever Was, until you decide that there should be something else. This is nirvana, the “one with the Oneness” experience that many of you have had very briefly in meditation, and it is an indescribable ecstasy. After you experience the Oneness for an infinite time-no time, you will cease to experience it, because you cannot experience the Oneness as Oneness unless and until That Which Is Not One also exists. Understanding this, you will create, once again, the idea and the thought of separation, or disunity.

    Then you will keep traveling on the Cosmic Wheel, keep going, keep circling, keep on being,
    forever and ever, and even forever more. You will return to the Oneness many times—an infinite number of times and for an infinite period each time—and you will know that you have the tools to return to the Oneness at any point on the Cosmic Wheel.”


    1. Thank-you for the post. I have not read them. I appreciate the description provided- it is fitting, thank-you. I have had two very different ‘major’ spiritual events or emergences. The first one was very inclusive of form; I was in love with all form. Form, in all of its stages, was clearly Love being expressed, yet it was not felt as ‘binding’ in any way – it was recognized as light. There was a galactic view of “Man” and views of the Earth from space; they were known in the illuminated state to be light formations and to be constantly moving/flowing. The second included formed light embedded in the Knowledge of Light’s essence, but was absolutely devoid of perception of it; I was only Light Being Light, Love Being Love, unexpressed. To include form in Oneness is to recognize the ‘Divinity of Allness’. 🙂 Knowing the Light, one becomes co-commander of it at the helm of the Cosmic Wheel.


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