Darcie French on creating vs creation

One with the Soul of God, existing as His Idea and given only the Pulse of Life, one is eternally creative. There is no such thing as “creation”. Nothing has ever been “created” – all of God’s creatures are eternally creative and eternally creating. Death is but rest in Idea; it is renewal of Knowledge, and rebirth of concurrently evolved/updated form.

There is great despair attached to the idea that God “created” life and that life “dies”. Death is a non-event; all events are the effects of eternal creativity.

One dies nightly, and one knows that this is not death. In deep, formless sleep is one refreshed to be reborn. Sleep, like death, is creativity at rest in creator, and is a non-event.

Fear not rest in the Creator, for rest in God is nothing but Knowing the ecstasy of Love Becoming. As God’s Beloved, one at rest in Source is only aware of Love, Begetting Love. One with Creator, the desire to create is what re-awakens.



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