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An actor I may appear to be — yet I am not a body, I am free

On Oct 29, 2009, the world of appearances disappeared into the non-dimensional Magnetic Self of God that is My Own Eternal Love. With the disappearance of the world of electricity, went all attachment to it, and to mitigating life within it as “the (separate) doer”. One’s Life is Known to be unified in Source.

“I need do nothing” (ACIM) is gloriously realized; all images made to be sensed rest in the un-made Self, Known only as the Love of their Conception. Only in tandem with nonlinear Source, is anything accomplished in the linear world.

An actor on the stage of consciousness I may appear to be; yet, “I am not a body, I am free”.

I rest in the Stillness of My Love, Begetting My Love.

Darcie French on creating vs creation

One with the Soul of God, existing as His Idea and given only the Pulse of Life, one is eternally creative. There is no such thing as “creation”. Nothing has ever been “created” – all of God’s creatures are eternally creative and eternally creating. Death is but rest in Idea; it is renewal of Knowledge, and rebirth of concurrently evolved/updated form.

There is great despair attached to the idea that God “created” life and that life “dies”. Death is a non-event; all events are the effects of eternal creativity.

One dies nightly, and one knows that this is not death. In deep, formless sleep is one refreshed to be reborn. Sleep, like death, is creativity at rest in creator, and is a non-event.

Fear not rest in the Creator, for rest in God is nothing but Knowing the ecstasy of Love Becoming. As God’s Beloved, one at rest in Source is only aware of Love, Begetting Love. One with Creator, the desire to create is what re-awakens.



Bringing Light Forth

All is One Still, Unchanging, Undivided Power we generically call God. God is One Still, Undivided Light, and this Light is Qualitatively Known not as light streaming through the senses but as Love without reflection or deflection, interchanging with more of the same without interruption. Even through the veil of Maya that seemingly deflects the Truth of this Oneness, I may realize that “I am” is Light Being Light which is qualitatively Love Being Love and that I am, through my own recollection of my Source, perfectly capable of Knowing the Quality of my own Being. The veil of Maya is only seeming. I have the one same limitation as God on Being: all effects are limited to my One Cause, which is Love Begetting Love. There is no evil in this universe of Love. My Cause of Love is One Quality, expressed quantitatively as One Still Light being many active lights, and thus there can be nothing but the Light of Love made manifest. In realizing this indivisible affinity with the Light of Love that I am I may realize how the Love of the Light that is “I am” works, and how, then, to express the Light to manifest Supreme Love along with the Source of it. God is One Still Light that is Love that has always been, and this One Light of Love becomes all that will ever be in motion. This is my only limitation and Knowing the measure of it, I can do nothing but Love.

I had forgotten the Quality of Light, the Love of which my Life is Sourced and beyond the boundaries of which its Cause cannot be Known; I had forgotten of my oneness with God before my own idea of a separate self, through a series of turns away from the Light within. I remembered in a flash, by backtracking through seeming stages of a disappearing universe made of nothing but pixels of Light until all there was was Knowledge of Love interchanging with All of Being – of Love Begetting Love Begetting Love continuously, without deviation. All is this One Love, bringing One Light forth.