Q & A with Darcie French on Oneness with the Soul of God

Q: You say that God created our Soul

Are we the only Soul that God brought into existence?

If that is true, what about the infinite number of potential souls that aren’t created?

Is every possible soul eventually created throughout eternity?

Thank you.

To clarify, by “our Soul” I am referring to the Soul that exists with God in Eternity, that we all really are.

Is that the only possible Soul? Could God have created more than that one Soul?

A:  I am now consciously avoiding using the terms “created” and “creation”, and am editing my  work to correct for past usage of them. (There is always ongoing correction of wording, to better align with Word).

Man is ever one with God, and is ever being eternally creative vs “having been created” or “brought into existence”. Man “exists” only in the Mind of God as His Idea, at rest and beloved. The “created” body is ever being created or imaged from the point of its existence as Idea in the Mind of God. It is never a static image that reflects Idea, but a dynamic, changing one, that one, unified in creative Source, is co-creator of.

The confusion surrounding the belief in “being created” vs “being eternally creating” causes great despair, and through my work, I hope to alleviate it. There is only One Soul, God’s, the desires of which are seemingly manifested as if through separate souls, yet “we” are never separate from the desires of One.

The following quote from the Divine Iliad is at the start of my book “Without the idea of death”. I expand on it, defining the difference between Knowledge of Oneness with the Soul of God, and perception of the extension and returning of the two seeming lights of “individual” souls. In the book, I call the two eternal light-workers of perception “Adam” and “Eve”.

The “pulsation” of God’s thinking that manifests the work of Adam and Eve and all other creating things is ever Known to all of life only as One Love Begetting Love, as one desire absolutely fulfilled, as ultimate rest. The lights of perception are infinitely defined as different creating things, ever in movement, ever seeking that rest. In that rest is rebirth.

Again I say, I am the Soul of My universe of creating things.

Within My Being is desire for manifesting My Being. Desire in Me is Soul in Me.

That which is Soul in Me desireth to manifest in form through Light.

Light extendeth from Soul in Me and returneth to Soul in Me, the extension and returning being two seeming lights of Me.

Again I say, I am the seed of My unfolding-refolding universe. Within My Light all formless seed of planned idea are enfolded in My Being at rest in Me.

Again I say, all things extendeth from Me and returneth to Me. From Me all things are born from seed of thought in Me, and born again, with each pulsation of My thinking.

There is naught but birth in My imagining. There is no death in Me, for endings and beginnings are one in Me. Naught but life reacheth out from Me, and naught but life meets returning life for rebirth in Me.”

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